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type CustomMetricsClient

type CustomMetricsClient interface {

    CustomMetricsClient is a client for fetching metrics describing both root-scoped and namespaced resources.

    func New

    func NewForConfig

    func NewForConfig(c *rest.Config) (CustomMetricsClient, error)

    func NewForConfigOrDie

    func NewForConfigOrDie(c *rest.Config) CustomMetricsClient

    func NewForMapper

    func NewForMapper(client rest.Interface, mapper meta.RESTMapper) CustomMetricsClient

      NewForMapper constucts the client with a RESTMapper, which allows more accurate translation from GroupVersionKind to GroupVersionResource.

      type MetricsInterface

      type MetricsInterface interface {
      	// GetForObject fetchs the given metric describing the given object.
      	GetForObject(groupKind schema.GroupKind, name string, metricName string) (*v1alpha1.MetricValue, error)
      	// GetForObjects fetches the given metric describing all objects of the given
      	// type matching the given label selector (or simply all objects of the given type
      	// if the selector is nil).
      	GetForObjects(groupKind schema.GroupKind, selector labels.Selector, metricName string) (*v1alpha1.MetricValueList, error)

        MetricsInterface provides access to metrics describing Kubernetes objects.

        type NamespacedMetricsGetter

        type NamespacedMetricsGetter interface {
        	NamespacedMetrics(namespace string) MetricsInterface

          NamespacedMetricsGetter provides access to an interface for fetching metrics describing resources in a particular namespace.

          type RootScopedMetricsGetter

          type RootScopedMetricsGetter interface {
          	RootScopedMetrics() MetricsInterface

            RootScopedMetricsGetter provides access to an interface for fetching metrics describing root-scoped objects. Note that metrics describing a namespace are simply considered a special case of root-scoped metrics.


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