Package apiextensions is the internal version of the API.



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    const CustomResourceCleanupFinalizer = ""

      CustomResourceCleanupFinalizer is the name of the finalizer which will delete instances of a CustomResourceDefinition

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      const GroupName = ""


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      var (
      	SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes)
      	AddToScheme   = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme
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      var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: GroupName, Version: runtime.APIVersionInternal}

        SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects


        func CRDHasFinalizer

        func CRDHasFinalizer(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, needle string) bool

          CRDHasFinalizer returns true if the finalizer is in the list

          func CRDRemoveFinalizer

          func CRDRemoveFinalizer(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, needle string)

            CRDRemoveFinalizer removes the finalizer if present

            func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinition

            func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinition(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

              DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinition is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

              func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionCondition

              func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionCondition(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

                DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionCondition is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

                func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionList

                func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionList(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

                  DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionList is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

                  func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionNames

                  func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionNames(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

                    DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionNames is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

                    func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionSpec

                    func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionSpec(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

                      DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionSpec is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

                      func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionStatus

                      func DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionStatus(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

                        DeepCopy_apiextensions_CustomResourceDefinitionStatus is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

                        func IsCRDConditionEquivalent

                        func IsCRDConditionEquivalent(lhs, rhs *CustomResourceDefinitionCondition) bool

                          IsCRDConditionEquivalent returns true if the lhs and rhs are equivalent except for times

                          func IsCRDConditionFalse

                          func IsCRDConditionFalse(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, conditionType CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType) bool

                            IsCRDConditionFalse indicates if the condition is present and false true

                            func IsCRDConditionPresentAndEqual

                            func IsCRDConditionPresentAndEqual(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, conditionType CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType, status ConditionStatus) bool

                              IsCRDConditionPresentAndEqual indicates if the condition is present and equal to the arg

                              func IsCRDConditionTrue

                              func IsCRDConditionTrue(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, conditionType CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType) bool

                                IsCRDConditionTrue indicates if the condition is present and strictly true

                                func Kind

                                func Kind(kind string) schema.GroupKind

                                  Kind takes an unqualified kind and returns back a Group qualified GroupKind

                                  func RegisterDeepCopies

                                  func RegisterDeepCopies(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error

                                    RegisterDeepCopies adds deep-copy functions to the given scheme. Public to allow building arbitrary schemes.

                                    func RemoveCRDCondition

                                    func RemoveCRDCondition(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, conditionType CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType)

                                      RemoveCRDCondition removes the status condition.

                                      func Resource

                                      func Resource(resource string) schema.GroupResource

                                        Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns back a Group qualified GroupResource

                                        func SetCRDCondition

                                        func SetCRDCondition(crd *CustomResourceDefinition, newCondition CustomResourceDefinitionCondition)

                                          SetCRDCondition sets the status condition. It either overwrites the existing one or creates a new one


                                          type ConditionStatus

                                          type ConditionStatus string
                                          const (
                                          	ConditionTrue    ConditionStatus = "True"
                                          	ConditionFalse   ConditionStatus = "False"
                                          	ConditionUnknown ConditionStatus = "Unknown"

                                            These are valid condition statuses. "ConditionTrue" means a resource is in the condition. "ConditionFalse" means a resource is not in the condition. "ConditionUnknown" means kubernetes can't decide if a resource is in the condition or not. In the future, we could add other intermediate conditions, e.g. ConditionDegraded.

                                            type CustomResourceDefinition

                                            type CustomResourceDefinition struct {
                                            	// Spec describes how the user wants the resources to appear
                                            	Spec CustomResourceDefinitionSpec
                                            	// Status indicates the actual state of the CustomResourceDefinition
                                            	Status CustomResourceDefinitionStatus

                                              CustomResourceDefinition represents a resource that should be exposed on the API server. Its name MUST be in the format <>.<>.

                                              type CustomResourceDefinitionCondition

                                              type CustomResourceDefinitionCondition struct {
                                              	// Type is the type of the condition.
                                              	Type CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType
                                              	// Status is the status of the condition.
                                              	// Can be True, False, Unknown.
                                              	Status ConditionStatus
                                              	// Last time the condition transitioned from one status to another.
                                              	// +optional
                                              	LastTransitionTime metav1.Time
                                              	// Unique, one-word, CamelCase reason for the condition's last transition.
                                              	// +optional
                                              	Reason string
                                              	// Human-readable message indicating details about last transition.
                                              	// +optional
                                              	Message string

                                                CustomResourceDefinitionCondition contains details for the current condition of this pod.

                                                func FindCRDCondition

                                                  FindCRDCondition returns the condition you're looking for or nil

                                                  type CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType

                                                  type CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType string

                                                    CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType is a valid value for CustomResourceDefinitionCondition.Type

                                                    const (
                                                    	// Established means that the resource has become active. A resource is established when all names are
                                                    	// accepted without a conflict for the first time. A resource stays established until deleted, even during
                                                    	// a later NamesAccepted due to changed names. Note that not all names can be changed.
                                                    	Established CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType = "Established"
                                                    	// NamesAccepted means the names chosen for this CustomResourceDefinition do not conflict with others in
                                                    	// the group and are therefore accepted.
                                                    	NamesAccepted CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType = "NamesAccepted"
                                                    	// Terminating means that the CustomResourceDefinition has been deleted and is cleaning up.
                                                    	Terminating CustomResourceDefinitionConditionType = "Terminating"

                                                    type CustomResourceDefinitionList

                                                    type CustomResourceDefinitionList struct {
                                                    	// Items individual CustomResourceDefinitions
                                                    	Items []CustomResourceDefinition

                                                      CustomResourceDefinitionList is a list of CustomResourceDefinition objects.

                                                      type CustomResourceDefinitionNames

                                                      type CustomResourceDefinitionNames struct {
                                                      	// Plural is the plural name of the resource to serve.  It must match the name of the CustomResourceDefinition-registration
                                                      	// too: and it must be all lowercase.
                                                      	Plural string
                                                      	// Singular is the singular name of the resource.  It must be all lowercase  Defaults to lowercased <kind>
                                                      	Singular string
                                                      	// ShortNames are short names for the resource.  It must be all lowercase.
                                                      	ShortNames []string
                                                      	// Kind is the serialized kind of the resource.  It is normally CamelCase and singular.
                                                      	Kind string
                                                      	// ListKind is the serialized kind of the list for this resource.  Defaults to <kind>List.
                                                      	ListKind string

                                                        CustomResourceDefinitionNames indicates the names to serve this CustomResourceDefinition

                                                        type CustomResourceDefinitionSpec

                                                        type CustomResourceDefinitionSpec struct {
                                                        	// Group is the group this resource belongs in
                                                        	Group string
                                                        	// Version is the version this resource belongs in
                                                        	Version string
                                                        	// Names are the names used to describe this custom resource
                                                        	Names CustomResourceDefinitionNames
                                                        	// Scope indicates whether this resource is cluster or namespace scoped.  Default is namespaced
                                                        	Scope ResourceScope

                                                          CustomResourceDefinitionSpec describes how a user wants their resource to appear

                                                          type CustomResourceDefinitionStatus

                                                          type CustomResourceDefinitionStatus struct {
                                                          	// Conditions indicate state for particular aspects of a CustomResourceDefinition
                                                          	Conditions []CustomResourceDefinitionCondition
                                                          	// AcceptedNames are the names that are actually being used to serve discovery
                                                          	// They may be different than the names in spec.
                                                          	AcceptedNames CustomResourceDefinitionNames

                                                            CustomResourceDefinitionStatus indicates the state of the CustomResourceDefinition

                                                            type ResourceScope

                                                            type ResourceScope string

                                                              ResourceScope is an enum defining the different scopes availabe to a custom resource

                                                              const (
                                                              	ClusterScoped   ResourceScope = "Cluster"
                                                              	NamespaceScoped ResourceScope = "Namespaced"


                                                              Path Synopsis
                                                              Package v1beta1 is the v1beta1 version of the API.
                                                              Package v1beta1 is the v1beta1 version of the API.