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Published: Oct 4, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


type KeyMouse

type KeyMouse int

KeyMouse combines ebiten's Key and MouseButton.

func FromKey

func FromKey(key ebiten.Key) KeyMouse

FromKey converts Key to a KeyMouse.

func FromMouse

func FromMouse(mb ebiten.MouseButton) KeyMouse

FromMouse converts MouseButton to a KeyMouse.

func (KeyMouse) IsKey

func (km KeyMouse) IsKey() bool

IsKey returns true if the KeyMouse is an Key.

func (KeyMouse) IsMouse

func (km KeyMouse) IsMouse() bool

IsMouse returns true if the KeyMouse is a MouseButton.

func (KeyMouse) Key

func (km KeyMouse) Key() (k ebiten.Key, ok bool)

Key converts KeyMouse to Key. The return value ok is false if it is actually a MouseButton.

func (KeyMouse) Mouse

func (km KeyMouse) Mouse() (mb ebiten.MouseButton, ok bool)

Mouse converts KeyMouse to MouseButton. The return value ok is false if it is actually a Key.

func (KeyMouse) String

func (km KeyMouse) String() string

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