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Published: Aug 14, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func Content

func Content(handler HandlerFunc) echo.HandlerFunc

type Echo

type Echo struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Echo structure value is an Echo GoAdmin adapter.

func (*Echo) AddHandler

func (e *Echo) AddHandler(method, path string, handlers context.Handlers)

AddHandler implements the method Adapter.AddHandler.

func (*Echo) Content

func (e *Echo) Content(ctx interface{}, getPanelFn types.GetPanelFn, fn context.NodeProcessor, btns ...types.Button)

Content implements the method Adapter.Content.

func (*Echo) DisableLog

func (e *Echo) DisableLog()

func (*Echo) FormParam

func (e *Echo) FormParam() url.Values

FormParam implements the method Adapter.FormParam.

func (*Echo) GetCookie

func (e *Echo) GetCookie() (string, error)

GetCookie implements the method Adapter.GetCookie.

func (*Echo) IsPjax

func (e *Echo) IsPjax() bool

IsPjax implements the method Adapter.IsPjax.

func (*Echo) Method

func (e *Echo) Method() string

Method implements the method Adapter.Method.

func (*Echo) Name

func (e *Echo) Name() string

Name implements the method Adapter.Name.

func (*Echo) Path

func (e *Echo) Path() string

Path implements the method Adapter.Path.

func (*Echo) Redirect

func (e *Echo) Redirect()

Redirect implements the method Adapter.Redirect.

func (*Echo) Run

func (e *Echo) Run() error

func (*Echo) SetApp

func (e *Echo) SetApp(app interface{}) error

SetApp implements the method Adapter.SetApp.

func (*Echo) SetContentType

func (e *Echo) SetContentType()

SetContentType implements the method Adapter.SetContentType.

func (*Echo) SetContext

func (e *Echo) SetContext(contextInterface interface{}) adapter.WebFrameWork

SetContext implements the method Adapter.SetContext.

func (*Echo) Static

func (e *Echo) Static(prefix, path string)

func (*Echo) Use

func (e *Echo) Use(app interface{}, plugs []plugins.Plugin) error

Use implements the method Adapter.Use.

func (*Echo) User

func (e *Echo) User(ctx interface{}) (models.UserModel, bool)

User implements the method Adapter.User.

func (*Echo) Write

func (e *Echo) Write(body []byte)

Write implements the method Adapter.Write.

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(ctx echo.Context) (types.Panel, error)

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