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Published: Dec 21, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func GetQueryTargets

func GetQueryTargets(c *gin.Context)

func GrafanaMain

func GrafanaMain(c *gin.Context)

func LambdaQueryQ

func LambdaQueryQ(c *gin.Context)

type APIGrafanaMainInputs

type APIGrafanaMainInputs struct {
	Query string `json:"query" form:"query"`

type GrafanaPostPrams

type GrafanaPostPrams struct {
	Format        string   `form:"format" json:"format"`
	From          int64    `form:"from" json:"from"`
	MaxDataPoints int      `form:"maxDataPoints" json:"maxDataPoints"`
	Targets       []string `form:"targets" json:"targets"`
	Until         int64    `form:"until" json:"until"`

type GrafanaResp

type GrafanaResp struct {
	Expandable bool   `json:"expandable"`
	Text       string `json:"text"`

func ResultGen

func ResultGen(alist []string) (result []GrafanaResp)

type LambdaQueryPrams

type LambdaQueryPrams struct {
	From       int64                  `form:"from" json:"from" binding:"required"`
	Until      int64                  `form:"until" json:"until" binding:"required"`
	Endpoints  []string               `form:"endpoints" json:"endpoints" binding:"required"`
	Metrics    []string               `form:"metrics" json:"metrics" binding:"required"`
	LdFunction map[string]interface{} `form:"func" json:"func"`

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