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type Category

type Category int

    Category is an enum type for representing the bookkeeping of different type

    const (
    	// PvtdataExpiry represents the bookkeeping related to expiry of pvtdata because of BTL policy
    	PvtdataExpiry Category = iota
    	// MetadataPresenceIndicator maintains the bookkeeping about whether metadata is ever set for a namespace

    type Provider

    type Provider interface {
    	// GetDBHandle returns a db handle that can be used for maintaining the bookkeeping of a given category
    	GetDBHandle(ledgerID string, cat Category) *leveldbhelper.DBHandle
    	// Close closes the BookkeeperProvider

      Provider provides handle to different bookkeepers for the given ledger

      func NewProvider

      func NewProvider(dbPath string) (Provider, error)

        NewProvider instantiates a new provider

        type TestEnv

        type TestEnv struct {
        	TestProvider Provider
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          TestEnv provides the bookkeeper provider env for testing

          func NewTestEnv

          func NewTestEnv(t testing.TB) *TestEnv

            NewTestEnv construct a TestEnv for testing

            func (*TestEnv) Cleanup

            func (te *TestEnv) Cleanup()

              Cleanup cleansup the store env after testing