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func ConstructMetadataDBName

func ConstructMetadataDBName(dbName string) string

    ConstructMetadataDBName truncates the db name to couchdb allowed length to construct the metadataDBName

    func ConstructNamespaceDBName

    func ConstructNamespaceDBName(chainName, namespace string) string

      ConstructNamespaceDBName truncates db name to couchdb allowed length to construct the final namespaceDBName The passed namespace will be in one of the following formats: <chaincode> - for namespaces containing regular public data <chaincode>$$p<collection> - for namespaces containing private data collections <chaincode>$$h<collection> - for namespaces containing hashes of private data collections

      func CreateSystemDatabasesIfNotExist

      func CreateSystemDatabasesIfNotExist(couchInstance *CouchInstance) error

        CreateSystemDatabasesIfNotExist - creates the system databases if they do not exist

        func IsJSON

        func IsJSON(s string) bool

          IsJSON tests a string to determine if a valid JSON


          type AttachmentInfo

          type AttachmentInfo struct {
          	Name            string
          	ContentType     string `json:"content_type"`
          	Length          uint64
          	AttachmentBytes []byte `json:"data"`

            AttachmentInfo contains the definition for an attached file for couchdb

            type Base64Attachment

            type Base64Attachment struct {
            	ContentType    string `json:"content_type"`
            	AttachmentData string `json:"data"`

              Base64Attachment contains the definition for an attached file for couchdb

              type BatchRetrieveDocMetadataResponse

              type BatchRetrieveDocMetadataResponse struct {
              	Rows []struct {
              		ID          string `json:"id"`
              		DocMetadata struct {
              			ID      string `json:"_id"`
              			Rev     string `json:"_rev"`
              			Version string `json:"~version"`
              		} `json:"doc"`
              	} `json:"rows"`

                BatchRetrieveDocMetadataResponse is used for processing REST batch responses from CouchDB

                type BatchUpdateResponse

                type BatchUpdateResponse struct {
                	ID     string `json:"id"`
                	Error  string `json:"error"`
                	Reason string `json:"reason"`
                	Ok     bool   `json:"ok"`
                	Rev    string `json:"rev"`

                  BatchUpdateResponse defines a structure for batch update response

                  type Config

                  type Config struct {
                  	// Address is the hostname:port of the CouchDB database instance.
                  	Address string
                  	// Username is the username used to authenticate with CouchDB.  This username
                  	// must have read and write access permissions.
                  	Username string
                  	// Password is the password for Username.
                  	Password string
                  	// MaxRetries is the maximum number of times to retry CouchDB operations on
                  	// failure.
                  	MaxRetries int
                  	// MaxRetriesOnStartup is the maximum number of times to retry CouchDB operations on
                  	// failure when initializing the ledger.
                  	MaxRetriesOnStartup int
                  	// RequestTimeout is the timeout used for CouchDB operations.
                  	RequestTimeout time.Duration
                  	// InternalQueryLimit is the maximum number of records to return internally
                  	// when querying CouchDB.
                  	InternalQueryLimit int
                  	// MaxBatchUpdateSize is the maximum number of records to included in CouchDB
                  	// bulk update operations.
                  	MaxBatchUpdateSize int
                  	// WarmIndexesAfterNBlocks is the number of blocks after which to warm any
                  	// CouchDB indexes.
                  	WarmIndexesAfterNBlocks int
                  	// CreateGlobalChangesDB determines whether or not to create the "_global_changes"
                  	// system database.
                  	CreateGlobalChangesDB bool
                  	// RedoLogPath is the directory where the CouchDB redo log files are stored.
                  	RedoLogPath string
                  	// UserCacheSizeMBs denotes the user specified maximum mega bytes (MB) to be allocated
                  	// for the user state cache (i.e., all chaincodes deployed by the user). Note that
                  	// UserCacheSizeMBs needs to be a multiple of 32 MB. If it is not a multiple of 32 MB,
                  	// the peer would round the size to the next multiple of 32 MB.
                  	UserCacheSizeMBs int

                    Config is a structure used to configure a CouchInstance.

                    type ConnectionInfo

                    type ConnectionInfo struct {
                    	Couchdb string `json:"couchdb"`
                    	Version string `json:"version"`
                    	Vendor  struct {
                    		Name string `json:"name"`
                    	} `json:"vendor"`

                      ConnectionInfo is a structure for capturing the database info and version

                      type CouchDatabase

                      type CouchDatabase struct {
                      	CouchInstance    *CouchInstance //connection configuration
                      	DBName           string
                      	IndexWarmCounter int

                        CouchDatabase represents a database within a CouchDB instance

                        func CreateCouchDatabase

                        func CreateCouchDatabase(couchInstance *CouchInstance, dbName string) (*CouchDatabase, error)

                          CreateCouchDatabase creates a CouchDB database object, as well as the underlying database if it does not exist

                          func (*CouchDatabase) ApplyDatabaseSecurity

                          func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) ApplyDatabaseSecurity(databaseSecurity *DatabaseSecurity) error

                            ApplyDatabaseSecurity method provides function to update the security config for a database

                            func (*CouchDatabase) BatchRetrieveDocumentMetadata

                            func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) BatchRetrieveDocumentMetadata(keys []string) ([]*DocMetadata, error)

                              BatchRetrieveDocumentMetadata - batch method to retrieve document metadata for a set of keys, including ID, couchdb revision number, and ledger version

                              func (*CouchDatabase) BatchUpdateDocuments

                              func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) BatchUpdateDocuments(documents []*CouchDoc) ([]*BatchUpdateResponse, error)

                                BatchUpdateDocuments - batch method to batch update documents

                                func (*CouchDatabase) CreateDatabaseIfNotExist

                                func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) CreateDatabaseIfNotExist() error

                                  CreateDatabaseIfNotExist method provides function to create database

                                  func (*CouchDatabase) CreateIndex

                                  func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) CreateIndex(indexdefinition string) (*CreateIndexResponse, error)

                                    CreateIndex method provides a function creating an index

                                    func (*CouchDatabase) DeleteDoc

                                    func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) DeleteDoc(id, rev string) error

                                      DeleteDoc method provides function to delete a document from the database by id

                                      func (*CouchDatabase) DeleteIndex

                                      func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) DeleteIndex(designdoc, indexname string) error

                                        DeleteIndex method provides a function deleting an index

                                        func (*CouchDatabase) DropDatabase

                                        func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) DropDatabase() (*DBOperationResponse, error)

                                          DropDatabase provides method to drop an existing database

                                          func (*CouchDatabase) EnsureFullCommit

                                          func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) EnsureFullCommit() (*DBOperationResponse, error)

                                            EnsureFullCommit calls _ensure_full_commit for explicit fsync

                                            func (*CouchDatabase) GetDatabaseInfo

                                            func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) GetDatabaseInfo() (*DBInfo, *DBReturn, error)

                                              GetDatabaseInfo method provides function to retrieve database information

                                              func (*CouchDatabase) GetDatabaseSecurity

                                              func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) GetDatabaseSecurity() (*DatabaseSecurity, error)

                                                GetDatabaseSecurity method provides function to retrieve the security config for a database

                                                func (*CouchDatabase) ListIndex

                                                func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) ListIndex() ([]*IndexResult, error)

                                                  ListIndex method lists the defined indexes for a database

                                                  func (*CouchDatabase) QueryDocuments

                                                  func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) QueryDocuments(query string) ([]*QueryResult, string, error)

                                                    QueryDocuments method provides function for processing a query

                                                    func (*CouchDatabase) ReadDoc

                                                    func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) ReadDoc(id string) (*CouchDoc, string, error)

                                                      ReadDoc method provides function to retrieve a document and its revision from the database by id

                                                      func (*CouchDatabase) ReadDocRange

                                                      func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) ReadDocRange(startKey, endKey string, limit int32) ([]*QueryResult, string, error)

                                                        ReadDocRange method provides function to a range of documents based on the start and end keys startKey and endKey can also be empty strings. If startKey and endKey are empty, all documents are returned This function provides a limit option to specify the max number of entries and is supplied by config. Skip is reserved for possible future future use.

                                                        func (*CouchDatabase) SaveDoc

                                                        func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) SaveDoc(id string, rev string, couchDoc *CouchDoc) (string, error)

                                                          SaveDoc method provides a function to save a document, id and byte array

                                                          func (*CouchDatabase) WarmIndex

                                                          func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) WarmIndex(designdoc, indexname string) error

                                                            WarmIndex method provides a function for warming a single index

                                                            func (*CouchDatabase) WarmIndexAllIndexes

                                                            func (dbclient *CouchDatabase) WarmIndexAllIndexes() error

                                                              WarmIndexAllIndexes method provides a function for warming all indexes for a database

                                                              type CouchDoc

                                                              type CouchDoc struct {
                                                              	JSONValue   []byte
                                                              	Attachments []*AttachmentInfo

                                                                CouchDoc defines the structure for a JSON document value

                                                                type CouchInstance

                                                                type CouchInstance struct {
                                                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                  CouchInstance represents a CouchDB instance

                                                                  func CreateCouchInstance

                                                                  func CreateCouchInstance(config *Config, metricsProvider metrics.Provider) (*CouchInstance, error)

                                                                  func (*CouchInstance) HealthCheck

                                                                  func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) HealthCheck(ctx context.Context) error

                                                                    HealthCheck checks if the peer is able to communicate with CouchDB

                                                                    func (*CouchInstance) InternalQueryLimit

                                                                    func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) InternalQueryLimit() int32

                                                                      InternalQueryLimit returns the maximum number of records to return internally when querying CouchDB.

                                                                      func (*CouchInstance) IsEmpty

                                                                      func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) IsEmpty(databasesToIgnore []string) (bool, error)

                                                                        IsEmpty returns false if couchInstance contains any databases (except couchdb system databases and any database name supplied in the parameter 'databasesToIgnore')

                                                                        func (*CouchInstance) MaxBatchUpdateSize

                                                                        func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) MaxBatchUpdateSize() int

                                                                          MaxBatchUpdateSize returns the maximum number of records to include in a bulk update operation.

                                                                          func (*CouchInstance) RetrieveApplicationDBNames

                                                                          func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) RetrieveApplicationDBNames() ([]string, error)

                                                                            RetrieveApplicationDBNames returns all the applicaiton database names in the couch instance

                                                                            func (*CouchInstance) URL

                                                                            func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) URL() string

                                                                              URL returns the URL for the CouchDB instance.

                                                                              func (*CouchInstance) VerifyCouchConfig

                                                                              func (couchInstance *CouchInstance) VerifyCouchConfig() (*ConnectionInfo, *DBReturn, error)

                                                                                VerifyCouchConfig method provides function to verify the connection information

                                                                                type CreateIndexResponse

                                                                                type CreateIndexResponse struct {
                                                                                	Result string `json:"result"`
                                                                                	ID     string `json:"id"`
                                                                                	Name   string `json:"name"`

                                                                                  CreateIndexResponse contains an the index creation response from CouchDB

                                                                                  type DBInfo

                                                                                  type DBInfo struct {
                                                                                  	DbName string `json:"db_name"`
                                                                                  	Sizes  struct {
                                                                                  		File     int `json:"file"`
                                                                                  		External int `json:"external"`
                                                                                  		Active   int `json:"active"`
                                                                                  	} `json:"sizes"`
                                                                                  	Other struct {
                                                                                  		DataSize int `json:"data_size"`
                                                                                  	} `json:"other"`
                                                                                  	DocDelCount       int    `json:"doc_del_count"`
                                                                                  	DocCount          int    `json:"doc_count"`
                                                                                  	DiskSize          int    `json:"disk_size"`
                                                                                  	DiskFormatVersion int    `json:"disk_format_version"`
                                                                                  	DataSize          int    `json:"data_size"`
                                                                                  	CompactRunning    bool   `json:"compact_running"`
                                                                                  	InstanceStartTime string `json:"instance_start_time"`

                                                                                    DBInfo is body for database information.

                                                                                    type DBOperationResponse

                                                                                    type DBOperationResponse struct {
                                                                                    	Ok bool

                                                                                      DBOperationResponse is body for successful database calls.

                                                                                      type DBReturn

                                                                                      type DBReturn struct {
                                                                                      	StatusCode int    `json:"status_code"`
                                                                                      	Error      string `json:"error"`
                                                                                      	Reason     string `json:"reason"`

                                                                                        DBReturn contains an error reported by CouchDB

                                                                                        type DatabaseSecurity

                                                                                        type DatabaseSecurity struct {
                                                                                        	Admins struct {
                                                                                        		Names []string `json:"names"`
                                                                                        		Roles []string `json:"roles"`
                                                                                        	} `json:"admins"`
                                                                                        	Members struct {
                                                                                        		Names []string `json:"names"`
                                                                                        		Roles []string `json:"roles"`
                                                                                        	} `json:"members"`

                                                                                          DatabaseSecurity contains the definition for CouchDB database security

                                                                                          type DocID

                                                                                          type DocID struct {
                                                                                          	ID string `json:"_id"`

                                                                                            DocID is a minimal structure for capturing the ID from a query result

                                                                                            type DocMetadata

                                                                                            type DocMetadata struct {
                                                                                            	ID              string                     `json:"_id"`
                                                                                            	Rev             string                     `json:"_rev"`
                                                                                            	Version         string                     `json:"~version"`
                                                                                            	AttachmentsInfo map[string]*AttachmentInfo `json:"_attachments"`

                                                                                              DocMetadata is used for capturing CouchDB document header info, used to capture id, version, rev and attachments returned in the query from CouchDB

                                                                                              type FileDetails

                                                                                              type FileDetails struct {
                                                                                              	Follows     bool   `json:"follows"`
                                                                                              	ContentType string `json:"content_type"`
                                                                                              	Length      int    `json:"length"`

                                                                                                FileDetails defines the structure needed to send an attachment to couchdb

                                                                                                type IndexResult

                                                                                                type IndexResult struct {
                                                                                                	DesignDocument string `json:"designdoc"`
                                                                                                	Name           string `json:"name"`
                                                                                                	Definition     string `json:"definition"`

                                                                                                  IndexResult contains the definition for a couchdb index

                                                                                                  type QueryResponse

                                                                                                  type QueryResponse struct {
                                                                                                  	Warning  string            `json:"warning"`
                                                                                                  	Docs     []json.RawMessage `json:"docs"`
                                                                                                  	Bookmark string            `json:"bookmark"`

                                                                                                    QueryResponse is used for processing REST query responses from CouchDB

                                                                                                    type QueryResult

                                                                                                    type QueryResult struct {
                                                                                                    	ID          string
                                                                                                    	Value       []byte
                                                                                                    	Attachments []*AttachmentInfo

                                                                                                      QueryResult is used for returning query results from CouchDB

                                                                                                      type RangeQueryResponse

                                                                                                      type RangeQueryResponse struct {
                                                                                                      	TotalRows int32 `json:"total_rows"`
                                                                                                      	Offset    int32 `json:"offset"`
                                                                                                      	Rows      []struct {
                                                                                                      		ID    string `json:"id"`
                                                                                                      		Key   string `json:"key"`
                                                                                                      		Value struct {
                                                                                                      			Rev string `json:"rev"`
                                                                                                      		} `json:"value"`
                                                                                                      		Doc json.RawMessage `json:"doc"`
                                                                                                      	} `json:"rows"`

                                                                                                        RangeQueryResponse is used for processing REST range query responses from CouchDB