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fsconsul writes data to the filesystem by reading it from Consul's K/V store.

fsconsul allows configuration data to be placed on disk without a consuming application needing to know about the existence of Consul. This makes it especially easy to configure applications throughout all your environments: development, testing, production, etc. On any change, fsconsul will run the provided command, so you can perform any additional actions (restarting your application, for example) necessary.

fsconsul is a port of envconsul which in turn was inspired by envdir in its simplicity, name, and function.

Download & Usage

To install fsconsul, clone this repo into your go workspace and do a go install.


fsconsul can be configured entirely by command-line switches, but for more complex cases, you may wish to provide the path to a config JSON file as the -configFile switch. The format of the JSON file is:

	"consul" : {
		"addr": ""
		"dc": "dc1",
		"token" : "my-reader-token"
	"mappings" : [{
		"onchange": "service restart app1",
		"prefix": "/myteam/dev/app1/config/",
		"path": "/etc/app1/",
		"keystore": "/var/lib/encryption_keys"
		"onchange": "service restart app2",
		"prefix": "/myteam/dev/app2/config/",
		"path": "/etc/app2/",
		"keystore": "/var/app2/encryption_keys"

Run fsconsul to see the usage help:

$ fsconsul
Usage: fsconsul [options] prefix path onchange

  Write files to the specified locations on the local system by reading K/Vs
  from Consul's K/V store with the given prefixes and executing a program on
  any change.  Prefixes and paths must be pipe-delimited if provided as
  command-line switches.


  -addr="": consul HTTP API address with port
  -configFile="": json file containing all configuration (if this is provided, all other config is ignored)
  -dc="": consul datacenter, uses local if blank
  -keystore="": directory of keys used for decryption
  -once=false: run once and exit
  -token="": token to use for ACL access


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