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const (
	RootElementId int64 = 1

	FieldSeparator string = "$"


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type ClickhouseField

type ClickhouseField struct {
	Timestamp   int64
	GraphType   string
	Cluster     string
	Name        string
	Total       int64
	Id          int64
	Value       int64
	ModTime     int64
	Level       uint64
	ParentID    int64
	ChildrenIds []int64

type Cluster

type Cluster struct {
	Name  string
	Hosts []string

type FlameGraphNode

type FlameGraphNode struct {
	Id          int64             `json:"-"`
	Cluster     string            `json:"-"`
	Name        string            `json:"name"`
	Total       int64             `json:"total"`
	Value       int64             `json:"value"`
	ModTime     int64             `json:"mtime,omitempty"`
	RdTime      int64             `json:"rdtime,omitempty"`
	ATime       int64             `json:"atime,omitempty"`
	Count       int64             `json:"count,omitempty"`
	Children    []*FlameGraphNode `json:"children,omitempty"`
	ChildrenIds []int64           `json:"-"`
	Parent      *FlameGraphNode   `json:"-"`

type Metrics

type Metrics struct {
	Metrics []string `json:"Metrics"`

type StackFlameGraphNode

type StackFlameGraphNode struct {
	Id           int64                  `json:"id"`
	Application  string                 `json:"application"`
	Instance     string                 `json:"instance"`
	FunctionName string                 `json:"name"`
	FileName     string                 `json:"file"`
	Line         int64                  `json:"line"`
	Samples      int64                  `json:"samples"`
	MaxSamples   int64                  `json:"maxSamples"`
	Children     []*StackFlameGraphNode `json:"children,omitempty"`
	ChildrenIds  []int64                `json:"childrenIds"`
	Parent       *StackFlameGraphNode   `json:"-"`
	ParentID     int64                  `json:"parentId"`
	IsRoot       uint8                  `json:"isRoot"`
	FullName     string                 `json:"fullName"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStackFlamegraphTree

func NewStackFlamegraphTree(name, instance, app string) *StackFlameGraphNode

func (*StackFlameGraphNode) FindOrAdd

func (r *StackFlameGraphNode) FindOrAdd(funcName, fileName string, fileLine int64, fullName string, stackSamples int64) *StackFlameGraphNode

func (*StackFlameGraphNode) Increment

func (r *StackFlameGraphNode) Increment(stackSamples int64)

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