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var PrimitiveTypes = map[string]bool{
	"string":  true,
	"number":  true,
	"integer": true,
	"boolean": true,
	"array":   true,
	"object":  true,

PrimitiveTypes is a set of Swagger primitive types


func Generate

func Generate(modulePath string, s spec.Swagger) error

Generate generates a client


type DataType

type DataType struct {
	Name string
	Ref  *string

DataType represents a primitive or defined type

type JSType

type JSType string

JSType is a wrapper type for things that represent a TypeScript type

func ReturnType

func ReturnType(s spec.Swagger, op *spec.Operation) (JSType, error)

ReturnType returns the methods return type

type JSTypeMap

type JSTypeMap map[string]JSType

JSTypeMap is a representation of a TypeScript object

type Param

type Param struct {
	Name string
	Type DataType

Param represents a function's formal parameter

type TypeScriptErrorDeclaration

type TypeScriptErrorDeclaration struct {
	Name       string
	Properties []string

TypeScriptErrorDeclaration holds attributes for an Error Type Decclaration

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