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WsIssuing: Issuing Method

Issuing Method (WsIssuing) is a service method to issuing active PNR/Booking Code from Sriwijaya Air Web Service (SOAP) v.111 [1].

In this example you will learn about using Issuing Method (WsIssuing) with Go (using sjwsdk111 package).

The following are the sections available in this guide.

What you’ll build

Let’s make a real world simple application for issuing PNR/Booking Code by using Sriwijaya Air Web Services Endpoint. Following diagram demonstrates the issuing PNR/Booking Code use case.

Issuing PNR/Booking Code Diagram


go get github.com/ClientSDK/sriwijaya-ws-client-go/sjwsdk111
  • A Text Editor or an IDE
Sriwijaya Air Agent requirements


If you want to skip the basics, you can download the git repo and directly move to the "Build and Running" section by skipping "Implementation" section.

Example structure

Go is a complete programming language that supports custom project structures. Let's use the following package structure for this example.

    ├── by-features
    │   ├── 01.WsIssuing
    │   │   ├── README.md
    │   │   ├── build_and_run.sh
    │   │   └── main.go
    └── wsdl
        └── wsp-wsdl.eticketv111.wsdl
  • Create the above directories in your local machine and also create empty main.go and build_and_run.sh files.

  • Download Sriwijaya Air Web Service WSDL and saved to wsp-wsdl.eticketv111.wsdl.

Developing the application

Let's make a simple application for issuing PNR/Booking Code by using sjwsdk111 package.

Main code for WsIssuing (main.go)
package main

import (


func makeHTTPClient() *http.Client {
	// Access via proxy if needed
	proxyURL, _ := url.Parse("http://proxy-ip-address:proxy-port")
	//proxyURL, _ := url.Parse("http://proxy-user:proxy-password@proxy-ip-address:proxy-port")

	// Initite transport with proxy and skip TLS (if needed)
	tr := &http.Transport{
		Proxy:           http.ProxyURL(proxyURL),
		TLSClientConfig: &tls.Config{InsecureSkipVerify: true},

	// Initiate transport without proxy and skip TLS (if needed)
	// tr := &http.Transport{
	// 	TLSClientConfig: &tls.Config{InsecureSkipVerify: true},
	// }

	httpClient := &http.Client{Transport: tr}

	return httpClient

func main() {

	// Initiate http client
	httpClient := makeHTTPClient()

	// Initiate NewSoapSJClient version 111
	sjClient, err := sjwsdk111.NewSoapSJClient(httpClient, "../../wsdl/wsp-wsdl.eticketv111.wsdl", "file")
	if err != nil {

	// call Sriwijaya web service operation

// callWsIssuing is a function to call WsIssuing method
func callWsIssuing(s *sjwsdk111.SoapSJClient) {
	params := []byte(
			<Username xsi:type="xsd:string">SRIWIJAWA_AGENT_USERNAME</Username>
			<Password xsi:type="xsd:string">SRIWIJAWA_AGENT_PASSWORD</Password>
			<BookingCode xsi:type="xsd:string">ACTIVE_PNR_CODE_OR_BOOKING_CODE_FROM_WS_GENERATE_PNR_RESPONSE</BookingCode>
	wsResp, errC := s.CallWsIssuing(params, false)

	if errC != nil {

	// Access response variable
	// fmt.Println()
	// fmt.Println("ReturnData-WsIssuing:")
	// fmt.Printf("%#v\n", wsResp.Return)

	// Marshal response variable to XML
	myXML, _ := xml.MarshalIndent(wsResp, " ", "  ")

Bash code for building and running the example application (build_and_run.sh)
echo "Clean..."
rm ./WsIssuing
echo "Build..."
go build -o WsIssuing main.go 
echo "Build Done."
echo "Run..."
./WsIssuing > WsIssuing-Result.xml
echo "Done."

Build and Running

You can build and running by execute the "build_and_run.sh" bash files.

   $ sh build_and_run.sh 

After the application is running, you will get the xml response in WsIssuing-Result.xml files.

Sample Response

         <BookingDate>18 Sep 2018 08:01 (GMT+7)</BookingDate>
         <BalanceDueRemarks>*Extra Cover Insurance (STI) not include in balance due.</BalanceDueRemarks>
         <Time>18 Sep 2018 18:18 (GMT+7)</Time>
           <TicketNumber>977012345678901C1, C2</TicketNumber>
           <TicketNumber>977012345678902C1, C2</TicketNumber>
           <TicketNumber>977012345678903C1, C2</TicketNumber>
                 <StdLT>12:40 LT</StdLT>
                 <StaLT>13:25 LT</StaLT>
                 <StdLT>11:25 LT</StdLT>
                 <StaLT>12:05 LT</StaLT>



Author: ClientSDK Team (muharihar)

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