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type Herd

type Herd struct {
	sync.RWMutex // Protect map and slice mutations.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHerd

func NewHerd(imageServerAddress string, objectServer objectserver.ObjectServer,
	metricsDir *tricorder.DirectorySpec, logger log.DebugLogger) *Herd

func (*Herd) AddHtmlWriter

func (herd *Herd) AddHtmlWriter(htmlWriter HtmlWriter)

func (*Herd) ClearSafetyShutoff

func (herd *Herd) ClearSafetyShutoff(hostname string) error

func (*Herd) ConfigureSubs

func (herd *Herd) ConfigureSubs(configuration subproto.Configuration) error

func (*Herd) DisableUpdates

func (herd *Herd) DisableUpdates(username, reason string) error

func (*Herd) EnableUpdates

func (herd *Herd) EnableUpdates() error

func (*Herd) GetDefaultImage

func (herd *Herd) GetDefaultImage() string

func (*Herd) GetSubsConfiguration

func (herd *Herd) GetSubsConfiguration() subproto.Configuration

func (*Herd) LockWithTimeout

func (herd *Herd) LockWithTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

func (*Herd) MdbUpdate

func (herd *Herd) MdbUpdate(mdb *mdb.Mdb)

func (*Herd) PollNextSub

func (herd *Herd) PollNextSub() bool

func (*Herd) RLockWithTimeout

func (herd *Herd) RLockWithTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

func (*Herd) SetDefaultImage

func (herd *Herd) SetDefaultImage(imageName string) error

func (*Herd) StartServer

func (herd *Herd) StartServer(portNum uint, daemon bool) error

type HtmlWriter

type HtmlWriter interface {
	WriteHtml(writer io.Writer)

type Sub

type Sub struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Sub) String

func (sub *Sub) String() string

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