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type BoostCpuLimitRequest

type BoostCpuLimitRequest struct{}

type BoostCpuLimitResponse

type BoostCpuLimitResponse struct{}

type CleanupRequest

type CleanupRequest struct {
	Hashes []hash.Hash

type CleanupResponse

type CleanupResponse struct{}

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	CpuPercent          uint
	NetworkSpeedPercent uint
	ScanSpeedPercent    uint
	ScanExclusionList   []string

func (Configuration) String

func (configuration Configuration) String() string

type FetchRequest

type FetchRequest struct {
	ServerAddress string
	Wait          bool
	Hashes        []hash.Hash

type FetchResponse

type FetchResponse struct{}

type FileToCopyToCache

type FileToCopyToCache struct {
	Name       string
	Hash       hash.Hash
	DoHardlink bool

type GetConfigurationRequest

type GetConfigurationRequest struct{}

type GetConfigurationResponse

type GetConfigurationResponse Configuration

func (GetConfigurationResponse) String

func (configuration GetConfigurationResponse) String() string

type GetFileResponse

type GetFileResponse struct {
	Error error
	Size  uint64

} // File data are streamed afterwards.
type Hardlink struct {
	NewLink string
	Target  string

type Inode

type Inode struct {
	Name string

type PollRequest

type PollRequest struct {
	HaveGeneration uint64
	ShortPollOnly  bool // If true, do not send FileSystem or ObjectCache.

type PollResponse

type PollResponse struct {
	NetworkSpeed                 uint64 // Capacity of the network interface.
	CurrentConfiguration         Configuration
	FetchInProgress              bool // Fetch() and Update() mutually exclusive
	UpdateInProgress             bool
	LastFetchError               string
	LastUpdateError              string
	LastUpdateHadTriggerFailures bool
	LastSuccessfulImageName      string
	FreeSpace                    *uint64
	StartTime                    time.Time
	PollTime                     time.Time
	ScanCount                    uint64
	DurationOfLastScan           time.Duration
	GenerationCount              uint64
	FileSystemFollows            bool
	FileSystem                   *filesystem.FileSystem  // Streamed separately.
	ObjectCache                  objectcache.ObjectCache // Streamed separately.

} // FileSystem is encoded afterwards, followed by ObjectCache.

type SetConfigurationRequest

type SetConfigurationRequest Configuration

type SetConfigurationResponse

type SetConfigurationResponse struct{}

type UpdateRequest

type UpdateRequest struct {
	ImageName string
	Wait      bool
	// The ordering here reflects the ordering that the sub is expected to use.
	FilesToCopyToCache  []FileToCopyToCache
	DirectoriesToMake   []Inode
	InodesToMake        []Inode
	HardlinksToMake     []Hardlink
	PathsToDelete       []string
	InodesToChange      []Inode
	MultiplyUsedObjects map[hash.Hash]uint64
	Triggers            *triggers.Triggers

type UpdateResponse

type UpdateResponse struct{}

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