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func ParseConfigurationFile

func ParseConfigurationFile(cmd *cobra.Command) (err error)

ParseConfigurationFile parses the configuration file starting from the command


type CloudMapConfig

type CloudMapConfig struct {
	// Region where to look for
	Region string `yaml:"region,omitempty"`
	// CredentialsPath is the path where to find the AWS credentials.
	CredentialsPath string `yaml:"credentialsPath,omitempty"`
	// PollInterval is the number of seconds between two consecutive polls
	PollInterval int `yaml:"pollInterval,omitempty"`

CloudMapConfig contans data need to connect to AWS Cloud Map correctly.

type Config

type Config struct {
	// DebugMode specifies whether to log debug or not
	DebugMode bool `yaml:"debugMode,omitempty"`
	// Adaptor specifies the adaptor configuration
	Adaptor string `yaml:"adaptor,omitempty"`
	// MetadataKeys is the key to look for in a service's metadata
	MetadataKeys []string `yaml:"metadataKeys"`
	// ServiceRegistry settings about the service registry to use
	ServiceRegistry *ServiceRegistrySettings `yaml:"serviceRegistry"`

Config contains the configuration of the program

func GetConfigFile

func GetConfigFile() *Config

GetConfigFile returns the configuration file parsed with ParseConfigurationFile. If the configuration file was not provided via --conf, then this returns nil.

type ServiceDirectoryConfig

type ServiceDirectoryConfig struct {
	// PollingInterval is the number of seconds between two consecutive polls
	PollingInterval int `yaml:"pollInterval,omitempty"`
	// ProjectID is the name of the Google Cloud project
	ProjectID string `yaml:"projectID"`
	// Region where to look for
	Region string `yaml:"region"`
	// ServiceAccountPath is the path of the service account JSON
	ServiceAccountPath string `yaml:"serviceAccountPath"`

ServiceDirectoryConfig contains Service Directory configuration. Its fields are the same as the CLI flags, although the latter can override them.

type ServiceRegistrySettings

type ServiceRegistrySettings struct {
	// GCPServiceDirectory is the field with configuration about service
	// directory
	GCPServiceDirectory *ServiceDirectoryConfig `yaml:"gcpServiceDirectory,omitempty"`
	// AWSCloudMap contains configuration about AWS CloudMap
	AWSCloudMap *CloudMapConfig `yaml:"awsCloudMap,omitempty"`

ServiceRegistrySettings contains information

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