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const (
	CheckIdleInterval = 2 * time.Minute
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const DefaultCapacity = 50
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const DefaultMaxIdle = 20


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var (
	ErrNoAvailableResource = errors.New("no available resource")
	ErrInvalidState        = errors.New("invalid state")
	ErrNotFound            = errors.New("not found")
	ErrContextDone         = errors.New("context done")
	ErrInvalidArguments    = errors.New("invalid arguments")


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type Initializer

type Initializer func(holder ResourceHolder) error

type ObjectFactory

type ObjectFactory interface {
	Create() (types.NetworkResource, error)
	Dispose(types.NetworkResource) error

type ObjectPool

type ObjectPool interface {
	Acquire(ctx context.Context, resid string) (types.NetworkResource, error)
	ReleaseWithReverse(resId string, reverse time.Duration) error
	Release(resId string) error
	AcquireAny(ctx context.Context) (types.NetworkResource, error)
	Stat(resId string) error

func NewSimpleObjectPool

func NewSimpleObjectPool(cfg PoolConfig) (ObjectPool, error)

type PoolConfig

type PoolConfig struct {
	Factory     ObjectFactory
	Initializer Initializer
	MinIdle     int
	MaxIdle     int
	Capacity    int

type PriorityQeueu

type PriorityQeueu struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPriorityQueue

func NewPriorityQueue() *PriorityQeueu

func (*PriorityQeueu) Find

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Find(id string) *poolItem

func (*PriorityQeueu) Peek

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Peek() *poolItem

func (*PriorityQeueu) Pop

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Pop() *poolItem

func (*PriorityQeueu) Push

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Push(item *poolItem)

func (*PriorityQeueu) Rob

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Rob(id string) *poolItem

func (*PriorityQeueu) Size

func (q *PriorityQeueu) Size() int

type ResourceHolder

type ResourceHolder interface {
	AddIdle(resource types.NetworkResource)
	AddInuse(resource types.NetworkResource)

type SimpleObjectPool

type SimpleObjectPool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SimpleObjectPool) Acquire

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) Acquire(ctx context.Context, resId string) (types.NetworkResource, error)

func (*SimpleObjectPool) AcquireAny

func (*SimpleObjectPool) AddIdle

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) AddIdle(resource types.NetworkResource)

func (*SimpleObjectPool) AddInuse

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) AddInuse(res types.NetworkResource)

func (*SimpleObjectPool) Release

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) Release(resId string) error

func (*SimpleObjectPool) ReleaseWithReverse

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) ReleaseWithReverse(resId string, reverse time.Duration) error

func (*SimpleObjectPool) Stat

func (p *SimpleObjectPool) Stat(resId string) error

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