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type Chapter

type Chapter struct {
	Number string
	Title  string
	Pages  []*Page

func GetChapterFromDB

func GetChapterFromDB(db *sql.DB, animeID int, numChap int) (*Chapter, error)

func GetChaptersFromDB

func GetChaptersFromDB(db *sql.DB, animeID int) (chapters []*Chapter, err error)

func (*Chapter) SendToDB

func (c *Chapter) SendToDB(cl *sql.DB, mangaID int) error

type Manga

type Manga struct {
	Id             int
	Name           string
	ChaptersNumber int
	Chapters       []*Chapter

func GetMangaFromDB

func GetMangaFromDB(db *sql.DB, idManga int) (*Manga, error)

func (*Manga) AppendFile

func (m *Manga) AppendFile(filePath string) error

func (*Manga) SendToDatabase

func (m *Manga) SendToDatabase(cl *sql.DB) error

func (*Manga) SendToDatabaseNR

func (m *Manga) SendToDatabaseNR(c *firestore.Client, ctx context.Context) error

func (*Manga) SendToKaori

func (m *Manga) SendToKaori(kaoriServer, token string) error

type Page

type Page struct {
	Number   int
	Language string
	Server   string
	Link     string

func GetPageFromDB

func GetPageFromDB(db *sql.DB, idChapter int) (pages []*Page, err error)

func (*Page) SendToDB

func (p *Page) SendToDB(cl *sql.DB, idCapitolo int) error

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