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type CheckDetails

type CheckDetails struct {
	OK             bool
	Errors         []string
	Namespace      string
	LastRun        time.Time // the time the check last was last run
	AuthorativePod string    // the pod that last ran the check

CheckDetails contains details about a single check's current status

func NewCheckDetails

func NewCheckDetails() CheckDetails

NewCheckDetails creates a new CheckDetails struct

type State

type State struct {
	OK            bool
	Errors        []string
	CheckDetails  map[string]CheckDetails // map of check names to last run timestamp
	CurrentMaster string

State returns the results of checks to the client calling Kuberhealthy. This is displayed on the kuberhealthy status page as JSON

func NewState

func NewState() State

NewState creates a new health check result response

func (*State) AddError

func (h *State) AddError(s ...string)

AddError adds new errors to State

func (*State) WriteHTTPStatusResponse

func (h *State) WriteHTTPStatusResponse(w http.ResponseWriter) error

WriteHTTPStatusResponse writes a response to an http response writer

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