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package cwl provides an AWS CloudWatch producer and consumer channel (type).



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func NewCWLChan

func NewCWLChan(ctx *dsl.Ctx, o interface{}) (dsl.Chan, error)

NewCWLChan create a new Cloudwatch Log Channel (cwl)


type CWLChan

type CWLChan struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CWLChan implements an AWS CloudWatch channel.

This channel type can produce and consume AWS CloudWatch logs.

func (*CWLChan) Close

func (c *CWLChan) Close(ctx *dsl.Ctx) error

Close the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) Consume

func (c *CWLChan) Consume(ctx *dsl.Ctx)

Consume on the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) DocSpec

func (c *CWLChan) DocSpec() *dsl.DocSpec

func (*CWLChan) Kill

func (c *CWLChan) Kill(ctx *dsl.Ctx) error

Kill the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) Kind

func (c *CWLChan) Kind() dsl.ChanKind

Kind returns the Cloudwatch Log Channel kind

func (*CWLChan) Open

func (c *CWLChan) Open(ctx *dsl.Ctx) error

Open the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) Pub

func (c *CWLChan) Pub(ctx *dsl.Ctx, m dsl.Msg) error

Pub on the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) Recv

func (c *CWLChan) Recv(ctx *dsl.Ctx) chan dsl.Msg

Recv on the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) Sub

func (c *CWLChan) Sub(ctx *dsl.Ctx, topic string) error

Sub on the Cloudwatch Log Channel

func (*CWLChan) To

func (c *CWLChan) To(ctx *dsl.Ctx, m dsl.Msg) error

To channel

type CWLOpts

type CWLOpts struct {

	// Region is the region of the AWS Account
	Region *string `type:"string" json:"region,omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// GroupName is the Cloudwatch Log Group Name
	GroupName string `type:"string" json:"groupName,omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// StreamNamePrefix is the Cloudwatch Log Stream Name prefix
	StreamNamePrefix *string `type:"string" json:",omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// FilterPattern is based on the Cloudwatch Filter Pattern syntax
	// Reference: (
	FilterPattern string `type:"string" json:",omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// StartTimePadding defines the time in seconds to subtract from now
	StartTimePadding *int64 `type:"number" json:",omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// PollInterval defines the Cloudwatch log poll time interval in seconds
	PollInterval *int64 `type:"number" json:",omitempty" yaml:",omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CWLOpts specifies Cloudwatch Logs channel options.

func (CWLOpts) String

func (opts CWLOpts) String() string

String returns the string representation of the CWLOpts

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