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This program is a basic CLI utility that can be used to publish and subscribe to a Pulsar topic.


$ ./cli -h
Usage of ./cli:
  -message string
    	If equal to '--', then STDIN will be used. Otherwise value with %03d $messageNumber tacked on the front will be sent (default "--")
  -name string
    	producer/consumer name (default "demo")
    	if true, produce messages, otherwise consume
  -pulsar string
    	pulsar address (default "localhost:6650")
  -rate duration
    	rate at which to send messages (default 1s)
    	if true, consumer is shared, otherwise exclusive
  -tls-ca string
    	(optional) path to root certificate
  -tls-cert string
    	(optional) path to TLS certificate
    	if true, do not verify server certificate chain when using TLS
  -tls-key string
    	(optional) path to TLS key
  -topic string
    	producer/consumer topic (default "persistent://sample/standalone/ns1/demo")


$ go build

Basic Examples

These examples connect to a Pulsar server running at localhost:6650 (default) and use the persistent://sample/standalone/ns1/demo topic (default).

  • Publish message repeatedly

    $ ./cli -producer -message "Hello" -rate 1s
  • Publish from STDIN (hit enter after each message)

    $ ./cli -producer
  • Subscribe

    $ ./cli -shared



This program offers a simple CLI utility for interacting with a Pulsar server using the `pulsar` package.

It's main goal is to aid in testing and debugging of the `pulsar` package.

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