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Package platform contains interface and implementation to run a Handel node on multiple platforms. Such implementations include Localhost (run your test locally).



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func DefaultStats

func DefaultStats(run int, nodes int, threshold int, network string) *monitor.Stats

DefaultStats returns default stats


type Command

type Command struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Command is a wrapper around Go's Cmd that can also output the log on demand

func NewCommand

func NewCommand(cmd string, args ...string) *Command

NewCommand returns a command that can outputs its stdout and stderr

func (*Command) LineOutput

func (c *Command) LineOutput() chan string

LineOutput continuously reads the stdout + stderr buffer and sends line by line output on the channel

func (*Command) ReadAll

func (c *Command) ReadAll() string

ReadAll returns stdout read entirely

type Platform

type Platform interface {
	// + the initial configuration of all structures needed for the platform
	// + building the binaries if needed and deploying them if needed
	Configure(*lib.Config) error
	// Makes sure that there is no part of the application still running
	Cleanup() error
	// Start runs an experiment from this run config, which is at the given
	// index in the Config. Both informations are redundant however it avoids
	// one useless step for each platform. Any implementations MUST perform this
	// experiment a number of times as defined in the Config struct field
	// Retrials. It must be a blocking call that returns only when the
	// experiment is finished.
	Start(idx int, rc *lib.RunConfig) error

Platform interface that has to be implemented to add another simulation- platform.

func NewAws

func NewAws(aws aws.Manager, awsConfig *aws.Config) Platform

NewAws creates AWS Platform

func NewLocalhost

func NewLocalhost() Platform

NewLocalhost returns a Platform that is executing binaries on localhost

func NewPlatform

func NewPlatform(t string, awsConfig string) Platform

NewPlatform returns the appropriate platform [deterlab,localhost] and setups the Cleanup call in case of a signal interruption

type Proc

type Proc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Proc implements the lib.Platform interface for the process

func (*Proc) String

func (p *Proc) String() string


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