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const (
	MaxConsecutiveClaimKeyFailures = 8


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var ErrDuplicateKey = errors.New("key is already registered")
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var ErrInvalidKeyFormat = errors.New("argument had wrong size")
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var ErrInvalidOneTimeCode = errors.New("argument had wrong size")
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var ErrKeyConsumed = errors.New("keypair has uploaded maximum number of diagnosis keys")
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var ErrNoRecordWritten = errors.New("we tried to write a transaction but no record was written")

ErrNoRecordWritten indicates that, though we should have been able to write a transaction to the DB, for some reason no record was created. This must be a bug with our query logic, because it should never happen.

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var ErrTooManyKeys = errors.New("key limit for keypair exceeded")

ErrTooManyKeys is returned when the client tries to insert one or more keys past their limit, assigned on keypair creation. The entire batch is rejected.


func MigrateDatabase

func MigrateDatabase(url string) error

MigrateDatabase creates the database and migrates it into the correct state.


type Conn

type Conn interface {
	// Return keys that were SUBMITTED to the Diagnosis Server during the specified
	// UTC date.
	// Only returns keys that correspond to a Key for a date
	// less than 14 days ago.
	FetchKeysForDateNumber(string, uint32, int32) ([]*pb.TemporaryExposureKey, error)
	StoreKeys(*[32]byte, []*pb.TemporaryExposureKey) error
	NewKeyClaim(string, string) (string, error)
	ClaimKey(string, []byte) ([]byte, error)
	PrivForPub([]byte) ([]byte, error)

	CheckClaimKeyBan(string) (triesRemaining int, banDuration time.Duration, err error)
	ClaimKeySuccess(string) error
	ClaimKeyFailure(string) (triesRemaining int, banDuration time.Duration, err error)

	DeleteOldDiagnosisKeys() (int64, error)
	DeleteOldEncryptionKeys() (int64, error)
	DeleteOldFailedClaimKeyAttempts() (int64, error)

	Close() error

Conn mediates all access to a MySQL/CloudSQL connection. It exposes a method for each query we support. The one exception is database creation/migrations, which are handled separately.

func Dial

func Dial(url string) (Conn, error)

Dial establishes a MySQL/CloudSQL connection and returns a Conn object, wrapping each available query.

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