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Package httpcache provides a cache enabled http Transport.



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type ByteCache

type ByteCache interface {
	Store(key string, value []byte, timeout time.Duration) error
	Get(key string) ([]byte, error)

ByteCache is a key-value cache store

type Config

type Config interface {
	// Key is a function that generates the cache key for the given http.Request. An empty string will disable caching.
	Key(req *http.Request) string

	// MaxAge provides the max cache age for the given request/response pair. A zero value will disable caching for the
	// pair. The request is available via res.Request.
	MaxAge(res *http.Response) time.Duration

Config provides cache key & timeout logic

func CacheByPath

func CacheByPath(timeout time.Duration) Config

CacheByPath caches against the host + path (ignoring scheme, auth, query etc) for the specified duration.

func CacheByURL

func CacheByURL(timeout time.Duration) Config

CacheByURL caches against the entire URL for the specified duration.

type Transport

type Transport struct {
	Config    Config            // Provides cache key & timeout logic.
	ByteCache ByteCache         // Cache where serialized responses will be stored.
	Transport http.RoundTripper // The underlying http.RoundTripper for actual requests.

Transport is a cache enabled http.Transport.

func (*Transport) RoundTrip

func (t *Transport) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (res *http.Response, err error)

RoundTrip implements the RoundTripper interface.

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