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Package audiouri provides conversions for common sounds to asterisk-supported audio URIs



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var SupportedPlaybackPrefixes = []string{
	"sound", "recording", "number", "digits", "characters", "tone",

SupportedPlaybackPrefixes is a list of valid prefixes for media URIs.


func Check

func Check(uri string) error

Check checks if the audio URI is formatted properly

func DateTimeURI

func DateTimeURI(t time.Time) (ret []string)

DateTimeURI returns the set of media URIs for playing the current date and time.

func DigitsURI

func DigitsURI(digits string, hash string) []string

DigitsURI returns the set of media URIs to play the given digits.

func DurationURI

func DurationURI(dur time.Duration) (ret []string)

DurationURI returns the set of media URIs for playing the given duration, in human terms (days, hours, minutes, seconds). If any of these terms are zero, they will not be spoken.

func NumberURI

func NumberURI(number int) string

NumberURI returns the media URI to play the given number.

func RecordingURI

func RecordingURI(name string) string

RecordingURI returns the media URI for playing an Asterisk StoredRecording

func ToneURI

func ToneURI(name string) string

ToneURI returns the media URI for playing the given tone, which may be a system-defined indication or an explicit tone pattern construction.

func WaitURI

func WaitURI(t time.Duration) []string

WaitURI returns the set of media URIs for the given period of silence.


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