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var (

	// TendermintAddrFlag is the address that ethermint will use to connect to the tendermint core node
	// #stable - 0.4.0
	TendermintAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "tendermint_addr",
		Value: "tcp://localhost:26657",
		Usage: "This is the address that ethermint will use to connect to the tendermint core node. Please provide a port.",

	// ABCIAddrFlag is the address that ethermint will use to listen to incoming ABCI connections
	// #stable - 0.4.0
	ABCIAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "abci_laddr",
		Value: "tcp://",
		Usage: "This is the address that the ABCI server will use to listen to incoming connection from tendermint core.",

	// ABCIProtocolFlag defines whether GRPC or SOCKET should be used for the ABCI connections
	// #stable - 0.4.0
	ABCIProtocolFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "abci_protocol",
		Value: "socket",
		Usage: "socket | grpc",

	// VerbosityFlag defines the verbosity of the logging
	// #unstable
	VerbosityFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "verbosity",
		Value: 3,
		Usage: "Logging verbosity: 0=silent, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=core, 5=debug, 6=detail",

	// ConfigFileFlag defines the path to a TOML config for go-ethereum
	// #unstable
	ConfigFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "config",
		Usage: "TOML configuration file",

	// TargetGasLimitFlag defines gas limit of the Genesis block
	// #unstable
	TargetGasLimitFlag = cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "targetgaslimit",
		Usage: "Target gas limit sets the artificial target gas floor for the blocks to mine",
		Value: GenesisTargetGasLimit.Uint64(),

	// WithTendermintFlag asks to start Tendermint
	// `tendermint init` and `tendermint node` when `ethermint init`
	// and `ethermint` are invoked respectively.
	WithTendermintFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name: "with-tendermint",
		Usage: "If set, it will invoke `tendermint init` and `tendermint node` " +
			"when `ethermint init` and `ethermint` are invoked respectively",
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var (
	// GenesisTargetGasLimit is the target gas limit of the Genesis block.
	// #unstable
	GenesisTargetGasLimit = big.NewInt(100000000)


func DefaultDataDir

func DefaultDataDir() string

DefaultDataDir tries to guess the default directory for ethermint data #unstable

func DefaultNodeConfig

func DefaultNodeConfig() node.Config

DefaultNodeConfig returns the default configuration for a go-ethereum node #unstable

func EthermintLogger

func EthermintLogger() tmlog.Logger

EthermintLogger returns a new instance of an ethermint logger. With() should be called upon the returned instance to set default keys #unstable

func HomeDir

func HomeDir() string

HomeDir returns the user's home most likely home directory #unstable

func MakeDataDir

func MakeDataDir(ctx *cli.Context) string

MakeDataDir retrieves the currently requested data directory #unstable

func MakeFullNode

func MakeFullNode(ctx *cli.Context) *ethereum.Node

MakeFullNode creates a full go-ethereum node #unstable

func ParseGenesisOrDefault

func ParseGenesisOrDefault(genesisPath string, chainID uint) (*core.Genesis, error)

ParseGenesisOrDefault tries to read the content from provided genesisPath. If the path is empty or doesn't exist, it will use defaultGenesisBytes as the fallback genesis source. Otherwise, it will open that path and if it encounters an error that doesn't satisfy os.IsNotExist, it returns that error.

func ResetAll

func ResetAll(ctx *cli.Context) error

ResetAll will remove the data directory.

func SetEthermintEthConfig

func SetEthermintEthConfig(cfg *eth.Config)

SetEthermintEthConfig takes a ethereum configuration and applies ethermint specific configuration #unstable

func SetEthermintNodeConfig

func SetEthermintNodeConfig(cfg *node.Config)

SetEthermintNodeConfig takes a node configuration and applies ethermint specific configuration #unstable

func Setup

func Setup(ctx *cli.Context) error

Setup sets up the logging infrastructure #unstable

func StartNode

func StartNode(stack *ethereum.Node)

StartNode will start up the node.


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