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func Abs

func Abs(x uint64, y uint64) int64

func AccountFilter

func AccountFilter(blacklist []account.Account, accounts []account.Account) []account.Account

func GetAccountById

func GetAccountById(peers []account.Account, expect uint64) account.Account

func GetAccountWithMinId

func GetAccountWithMinId(accounts []account.Account) account.Account

func SendEvent

func SendEvent(receiver Receiver, event Event)

SendEvent performs the event loop on a receiver to completion

func SignPayload

func SignPayload(account account.Account, digest types.Hash) ([]byte, error)

func SignatureVerify

func SignatureVerify(account account.Account, sign []byte, digest types.Hash) bool

func VerifyPayload

func VerifyPayload(payload *types.Block, enableSignVerify bool) (types.Receipts, error)

func VerifyPayloadUseExistedRepository added in v1.1.0

func VerifyPayloadUseExistedRepository(bc *repository.Repository, payload *types.Block, enableSignVerify bool) (types.Receipts, error)


type Event

type Event interface{}

Event is a type meant to clearly convey that the return type or parameter to a function will be supplied to/from an events.Manager

type Receiver

type Receiver interface {
	// ProcessEvent delivers an event to the Receiver, if it returns non-nil, the return is the next processed event
	ProcessEvent(e Event) Event

Receiver is a consumer of events, ProcessEvent will be called serially as events arrive

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