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Package kunstruct provides unstructured from api machinery and factory for creating unstructured

Package kunstruct provides unstructured from api machinery and factory for creating unstructured



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func NewKunstructuredFactoryImpl

func NewKunstructuredFactoryImpl() ifc.KunstructuredFactory

NewKunstructuredFactoryImpl returns a factory.

func NewKunstructuredFromObject

func NewKunstructuredFromObject(obj runtime.Object) (ifc.Kunstructured, error)

NewKunstructuredFromObject returns a new instance of Kunstructured.


type KunstructuredFactoryImpl added in v1.0.11

type KunstructuredFactoryImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KunstructuredFactoryImpl hides construction using apimachinery types.

func (*KunstructuredFactoryImpl) FromMap added in v1.0.11

func (kf *KunstructuredFactoryImpl) FromMap(
	m map[string]interface{}) ifc.Kunstructured

FromMap returns an instance of Kunstructured.

func (*KunstructuredFactoryImpl) MakeConfigMap added in v1.0.11

MakeConfigMap returns an instance of Kunstructured for ConfigMap

func (*KunstructuredFactoryImpl) MakeSecret added in v1.0.11

MakeSecret returns an instance of Kunstructured for Secret

func (*KunstructuredFactoryImpl) Set added in v1.0.11

func (kf *KunstructuredFactoryImpl) Set(fs fs.FileSystem, ldr ifc.Loader)

Set sets loader, filesystem and workdirectory

func (*KunstructuredFactoryImpl) SliceFromBytes added in v1.0.11

func (kf *KunstructuredFactoryImpl) SliceFromBytes(
	in []byte) ([]ifc.Kunstructured, error)

SliceFromBytes returns a slice of Kunstructured.

type UnstructAdapter

type UnstructAdapter struct {

UnstructAdapter wraps unstructured.Unstructured from https://github.com/kubernetes/apimachinery/blob/master/


to isolate dependence on apimachinery.

func (*UnstructAdapter) Copy

func (fs *UnstructAdapter) Copy() ifc.Kunstructured

Copy provides a copy behind an interface.

func (*UnstructAdapter) GetFieldValue

func (fs *UnstructAdapter) GetFieldValue(path string) (string, error)

GetFieldValue returns value at the given fieldpath.

func (*UnstructAdapter) GetGvk

func (fs *UnstructAdapter) GetGvk() gvk.Gvk

GetGvk returns the Gvk name of the object.

func (*UnstructAdapter) Map

func (fs *UnstructAdapter) Map() map[string]interface{}

Map returns the unstructured content map.

func (*UnstructAdapter) SetMap

func (fs *UnstructAdapter) SetMap(m map[string]interface{})

SetMap overrides the unstructured content map.

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