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Package transformers has implementations of resmap.ResMap transformers.



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type Transformer

type Transformer interface {
	// Transform modifies data in the argument, e.g. adding labels to resources that can be labelled.
	Transform(m resmap.ResMap) error

A Transformer modifies an instance of resmap.ResMap.

func NewAnnotationsMapTransformer added in v1.0.9

func NewAnnotationsMapTransformer(
	m map[string]string, fs []config.FieldSpec) (Transformer, error)

NewAnnotationsMapTransformer construct a mapTransformer.

func NewImageTagTransformer added in v1.0.5

func NewImageTagTransformer(slice []types.ImageTag) (Transformer, error)

NewImageTagTransformer constructs a imageTagTransformer.

func NewLabelsMapTransformer added in v1.0.9

func NewLabelsMapTransformer(
	m map[string]string, fs []config.FieldSpec) (Transformer, error)

NewLabelsMapTransformer constructs a mapTransformer.

func NewMapTransformer

func NewMapTransformer(
	pc []config.FieldSpec, m map[string]string) (Transformer, error)

NewMapTransformer construct a mapTransformer.

func NewMultiTransformer

func NewMultiTransformer(t []Transformer) Transformer

NewMultiTransformer constructs a multiTransformer.

func NewMultiTransformerWithConflictCheck added in v1.0.8

func NewMultiTransformerWithConflictCheck(t []Transformer) Transformer

NewMultiTransformerWithConflictCheck constructs a multiTransformer with checking of conflicts.

func NewNamePrefixSuffixTransformer added in v1.0.11

func NewNamePrefixSuffixTransformer(np, ns string, pc []config.FieldSpec) (Transformer, error)

NewNamePrefixSuffixTransformer construct a namePrefixSuffixTransformer.

func NewNameReferenceTransformer

func NewNameReferenceTransformer(
	br []config.NameBackReferences) (Transformer, error)

NewNameReferenceTransformer constructs a nameReferenceTransformer with a given slice of NameBackReferences.

func NewNamespaceTransformer added in v1.0.2

func NewNamespaceTransformer(ns string, cf []config.FieldSpec) Transformer

NewNamespaceTransformer construct a namespaceTransformer.

func NewNoOpTransformer

func NewNoOpTransformer() Transformer

NewNoOpTransformer constructs a noOpTransformer.

func NewRefVarTransformer added in v1.0.2

func NewRefVarTransformer(vars map[string]string, p []config.FieldSpec) Transformer

NewRefVarTransformer returns a Trasformer that replaces $(VAR) style variables with values.


Path Synopsis
Package config provides the functions to load default or user provided configurations for different transformers
Package config provides the functions to load default or user provided configurations for different transformers
Package defaultconfig provides the default transformer configurations
Package defaultconfig provides the default transformer configurations

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