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const (
	PRILIMINARY_ROUND = "preliminary"
	FINAL_ROUND       = "final"
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const (


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var DUPLICATE_PLACEMENT_ERROR = func(placement int) error {
	return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("placement %v is already taken by someone else", placement))
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var INVALID_PLACEMENT_ERROR = func(coupleID, placement int) error {
	return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("couple %v of has invalid placement: %v", coupleID, placement))
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var PLACEMENT_OUTOFRANGE_ERROR = func(coupleID, placement int) error {
	return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("placement of couple %v is out of range: %v", coupleID, placement))


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type DanceScoreSheet

type DanceScoreSheet struct {

func NewDanceScoreSheet

func NewDanceScoreSheet() DanceScoreSheet

func (*DanceScoreSheet) AddJudgeMarks

func (sheet *DanceScoreSheet) AddJudgeMarks(marks JudgeMarks)

func (DanceScoreSheet) CalculateDancePlacements

func (sheet DanceScoreSheet) CalculateDancePlacements(algorithm, roundType string) ([][]int, error)

type JudgeMarks

type JudgeMarks struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewJudgeMarks

func NewJudgeMarks(roundSize int) JudgeMarks

func (*JudgeMarks) AddCallback

func (marks *JudgeMarks) AddCallback(coupleID int, callback bool)

func (*JudgeMarks) AddPlacement

func (marks *JudgeMarks) AddPlacement(coupleID, placement int) error

AddPlacement adds judge's placement of couple to the marks. This function ensures that all couples receives a valid placement.

This method ensures compliance with Rule 4.

func (JudgeMarks) GetCallbacks

func (marks JudgeMarks) GetCallbacks() []int

GetCallbacks retrieves all the couples that are called back by the adjudicator.

This method ensures compliance with Rule 1.

func (JudgeMarks) GetCouples

func (marks JudgeMarks) GetCouples() []int

func (JudgeMarks) GetPlacements

func (marks JudgeMarks) GetPlacements() [][]int

type RoundScoreSheet

type RoundScoreSheet struct {

func NewRoundScoreSheet

func NewRoundScoreSheet() RoundScoreSheet

func (*RoundScoreSheet) AddDanceSheet

func (sheet *RoundScoreSheet) AddDanceSheet(danceSheet DanceScoreSheet)

func (RoundScoreSheet) CalculateRoundPlacements

func (sheet RoundScoreSheet) CalculateRoundPlacements(algorithm string) ([][]int, error)

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