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Build Core

BuildCore is a package for GoCore that will generate SQL Tables, indexes, primary & foreign keys, NOSQL Collections & Buckets, auto-generate Golang model code files, auto-generate REST web api code files, and schema files for your application.

###Configuration Files

This routine will read the webConfig.json file and read versioned schema files located in db/{appName}/schemas/{version}/ to create database files, models, web api's, and definitions. {version} must conform to standard semantic versioning format 1.0.0. Major, Minor, and Revision.


For information on how to configure webConfig.json see Application Settings.


If database schema files exist buildCore will process the files and create a folder in your application called models. Within the models folder your {version}/model folder will be created along with all the model go files. To import your model into your application here is an example below:

import (

For more information on the NOSQL model package see NOSQL Model.

###Web API

All auto-generated web api's will route to \api\v{Major}. For a major version of 1 the web api routes would be set to \api\v1\

Semantic Versioning within the db{appName}\schemas directory will produce multiple routes for each version of the schema.

To enable and initialize your web api's you must import a version of the api into one of your package go files:

import (
	_ ""

This will add all routes to your schema objects GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE Web API. 2.0




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func GenerateModels

func GenerateModels(path string, fileName string)

GenerateModels will build model files based on your json schema

func Initialize

func Initialize(path string, fileName string)


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