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func Init

func Init(home string, options []string, uidMaps, gidMaps []idtools.IDMap) (graphdriver.Driver, error)

Init returns the a native diff driver for overlay filesystem. If overlay filesystem is not supported on the host, graphdriver.ErrNotSupported is returned as error. If a overlay filesystem is not supported over a existing filesystem then error graphdriver.ErrIncompatibleFS is returned.


type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver contains information about the home directory and the list of active mounts that are created using this driver.

func (*Driver) ApplyDiff

func (d *Driver) ApplyDiff(id string, parent string, diff archive.Reader) (size int64, err error)

ApplyDiff applies the new layer into a root

func (*Driver) Changes

func (d *Driver) Changes(id, parent string) ([]archive.Change, error)

Changes produces a list of changes between the specified layer and its parent layer. If parent is "", then all changes will be ADD changes.

func (*Driver) Cleanup

func (d *Driver) Cleanup() error

Cleanup any state created by overlay which should be cleaned when daemon is being shutdown. For now, we just have to unmount the bind mounted we had created.

func (*Driver) Create

func (d *Driver) Create(id, parent, mountLabel string, storageOpt map[string]string) (retErr error)

Create is used to create the upper, lower, and merge directories required for overlay fs for a given id. The parent filesystem is used to configure these directories for the overlay.

func (*Driver) CreateReadWrite

func (d *Driver) CreateReadWrite(id, parent, mountLabel string, storageOpt map[string]string) error

CreateReadWrite creates a layer that is writable for use as a container file system.

func (*Driver) Diff

func (d *Driver) Diff(id, parent string) (archive.Archive, error)

Diff produces an archive of the changes between the specified layer and its parent layer which may be "".

func (*Driver) DiffSize

func (d *Driver) DiffSize(id, parent string) (size int64, err error)

DiffSize calculates the changes between the specified id and its parent and returns the size in bytes of the changes relative to its base filesystem directory.

func (*Driver) Exists

func (d *Driver) Exists(id string) bool

Exists checks to see if the id is already mounted.

func (*Driver) Get

func (d *Driver) Get(id string, mountLabel string) (s string, err error)

Get creates and mounts the required file system for the given id and returns the mount path.

func (*Driver) GetMetadata

func (d *Driver) GetMetadata(id string) (map[string]string, error)

GetMetadata returns meta data about the overlay driver such as LowerDir, UpperDir, WorkDir and MergeDir used to store data.

func (*Driver) Put

func (d *Driver) Put(id string) error

Put unmounts the mount path created for the give id.

func (*Driver) Remove

func (d *Driver) Remove(id string) error

Remove cleans the directories that are created for this id.

func (*Driver) Status

func (d *Driver) Status() [][2]string

Status returns current driver information in a two dimensional string array. Output contains "Backing Filesystem" used in this implementation.

func (*Driver) String

func (d *Driver) String() string

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