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const (
	// DefaultTag defines the default tag used when performing images related actions and no tag or digest is specified
	DefaultTag = "latest"
	// DefaultHostname is the default built-in hostname
	DefaultHostname = ""
	// LegacyDefaultHostname is automatically converted to DefaultHostname
	LegacyDefaultHostname = ""
	// DefaultRepoPrefix is the prefix used for default repositories in default host
	DefaultRepoPrefix = "library/"


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var (
	// ErrDoesNotExist is returned if a reference is not found in the
	// store.
	ErrDoesNotExist = errors.New("reference does not exist")


func IsNameOnly

func IsNameOnly(ref Named) bool

IsNameOnly returns true if reference only contains a repo name.


type Association

type Association struct {
	Ref     Named
	ImageID image.ID

An Association is a tuple associating a reference with an image ID.

type Canonical

type Canonical interface {
	Digest() digest.Digest

Canonical reference is an object with a fully unique name including a name with hostname and digest

func WithDigest

func WithDigest(name Named, digest digest.Digest) (Canonical, error)

WithDigest combines the name from "name" and the digest from "digest" to form a reference incorporating both the name and the digest.

type Named

type Named interface {
	// Name returns normalized repository name, like "ubuntu".
	Name() string
	// String returns full reference, like "ubuntu@sha256:abcdef..."
	String() string
	// FullName returns full repository name with hostname, like ""
	FullName() string
	// Hostname returns hostname for the reference, like ""
	Hostname() string
	// RemoteName returns the repository component of the full name, like "library/ubuntu"
	RemoteName() string

Named is an object with a full name

func ParseIDOrReference

func ParseIDOrReference(idOrRef string) (digest.Digest, Named, error)

ParseIDOrReference parses string for an image ID or a reference. ID can be without a default prefix.

func ParseNamed

func ParseNamed(s string) (Named, error)

ParseNamed parses s and returns a syntactically valid reference implementing the Named interface. The reference must have a name, otherwise an error is returned. If an error was encountered it is returned, along with a nil Reference.

func WithDefaultTag

func WithDefaultTag(ref Named) Named

WithDefaultTag adds a default tag to a reference if it only has a repo name.

func WithName

func WithName(name string) (Named, error)

WithName returns a named object representing the given string. If the input is invalid ErrReferenceInvalidFormat will be returned.

type NamedTagged

type NamedTagged interface {
	Tag() string

NamedTagged is an object including a name and tag.

func WithTag

func WithTag(name Named, tag string) (NamedTagged, error)

WithTag combines the name from "name" and the tag from "tag" to form a reference incorporating both the name and the tag.

type Store

type Store interface {
	References(id image.ID) []Named
	ReferencesByName(ref Named) []Association
	AddTag(ref Named, id image.ID, force bool) error
	AddDigest(ref Canonical, id image.ID, force bool) error
	Delete(ref Named) (bool, error)
	Get(ref Named) (image.ID, error)

Store provides the set of methods which can operate on a tag store.

func NewReferenceStore

func NewReferenceStore(jsonPath string) (Store, error)

NewReferenceStore creates a new reference store, tied to a file path where the set of references are serialized in JSON format.

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