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func RemoveLastAppliedConfigurationAnnotation

func RemoveLastAppliedConfigurationAnnotation(annotations map[string]string)

RemoveLastAppliedConfigurationAnnotation redacts the whole "" annotation. As it may contain duplicate information and secrets.

func ScrubContainer

func ScrubContainer(c *v1.Container, scrubber *DataScrubber)

ScrubContainer scrubs sensitive information in the command line & env vars


type DataScrubber

type DataScrubber struct {
	Enabled bool
	// RegexSensitivePatterns are custom regex patterns which are currently not exposed externally
	RegexSensitivePatterns []*regexp.Regexp
	// LiteralSensitivePatterns are custom words which use to match against
	LiteralSensitivePatterns []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DataScrubber allows the agent to block cmdline arguments that match a list of predefined and custom words

func NewDefaultDataScrubber

func NewDefaultDataScrubber() *DataScrubber

NewDefaultDataScrubber creates a DataScrubber with the default behavior: enabled and matching the default sensitive words

func (*DataScrubber) AddCustomSensitiveRegex

func (ds *DataScrubber) AddCustomSensitiveRegex(words []string)

AddCustomSensitiveRegex adds custom sensitive regex on the DataScrubber object

func (*DataScrubber) AddCustomSensitiveWords

func (ds *DataScrubber) AddCustomSensitiveWords(words []string)

AddCustomSensitiveWords adds custom sensitive words on the DataScrubber object

func (*DataScrubber) ContainsSensitiveWord

func (ds *DataScrubber) ContainsSensitiveWord(word string) bool

ContainsSensitiveWord returns true if the given string contains a sensitive word

func (*DataScrubber) ScrubSimpleCommand

func (ds *DataScrubber) ScrubSimpleCommand(cmdline []string) ([]string, bool)

ScrubSimpleCommand hides the argument value for any key which matches a "sensitive word" pattern. It returns the updated cmdline, as well as a boolean representing whether it was scrubbed.

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