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type FakeContainerImpl

type FakeContainerImpl struct {

FakeContainerImpl is a fake implementation of a container provider

func (FakeContainerImpl) ContainerExists

func (f FakeContainerImpl) ContainerExists(containerID string) bool

ContainerExists mocks the ContainerExists interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) ContainerIDForPID

func (f FakeContainerImpl) ContainerIDForPID(pid int) (string, error)

ContainerIDForPID mocks the ContainerIDForPID interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) DetectNetworkDestinations

func (f FakeContainerImpl) DetectNetworkDestinations(pid int) ([]containers.NetworkDestination, error)

DetectNetworkDestinations mocks the DetectNetworkDestinations interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetAgentCID

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetAgentCID() (string, error)

GetAgentCID mocks the GetAgentCID interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerLimits

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerLimits(containerID string) (*metrics.ContainerLimits, error)

GetContainerLimits mocks the GetContainerLimits interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerMetrics

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerMetrics(containerID string) (*metrics.ContainerMetrics, error)

GetContainerMetrics mocks the GetContainerMetrics interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerStartTime

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetContainerStartTime(containerID string) (int64, error)

GetContainerStartTime mocks the GetContainerStartTime interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetDefaultGateway

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetDefaultGateway() (net.IP, error)

GetDefaultGateway the GetDefaultGateway interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetDefaultHostIPs

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetDefaultHostIPs() ([]string, error)

GetDefaultHostIPs mocks the GetDefaultHostIPs interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetNetworkMetrics

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetNetworkMetrics(containerID string, networks map[string]string) (metrics.ContainerNetStats, error)

GetNetworkMetrics mocks the GetNetworkMetrics interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) GetPIDs

func (f FakeContainerImpl) GetPIDs(containerID string) ([]int32, error)

GetPIDs mocks the GetPIDs interface method

func (FakeContainerImpl) Prefetch

func (f FakeContainerImpl) Prefetch() error

Prefetch mocks the prefetch interface method

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