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func HTTPDecodingError

func HTTPDecodingError(err error, tags []string, w http.ResponseWriter)

HTTPDecodingError is used for errors happening in decoding

func HTTPEndpointNotSupported

func HTTPEndpointNotSupported(tags []string, w http.ResponseWriter)

HTTPEndpointNotSupported is for payloads getting sent to a wrong endpoint

func HTTPFormatError

func HTTPFormatError(tags []string, w http.ResponseWriter)

HTTPFormatError is used for payload format errors


func HTTPOK(w http.ResponseWriter)

HTTPOK is a dumb response for when things are a OK

func HTTPRateByService

func HTTPRateByService(w http.ResponseWriter, dynConf *config.DynamicConfig)

HTTPRateByService outputs, as a JSON, the recommended sampling rates for all services.


type HTTPReceiver

type HTTPReceiver struct {
	Stats      *info.ReceiverStats
	PreSampler *sampler.PreSampler
	Out        chan model.Trace
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HTTPReceiver is a collector that uses HTTP protocol and just holds a chan where the spans received are sent one by one

func NewHTTPReceiver

func NewHTTPReceiver(
	conf *config.AgentConfig, dynConf *config.DynamicConfig, out chan model.Trace, services chan model.ServicesMetadata,
) *HTTPReceiver

NewHTTPReceiver returns a pointer to a new HTTPReceiver

func (*HTTPReceiver) Languages

func (r *HTTPReceiver) Languages() string

Languages returns the list of the languages used in the traces the agent receives.

func (*HTTPReceiver) Listen

func (r *HTTPReceiver) Listen(addr, logExtra string) error

Listen creates a new HTTP server listening on the provided address.

func (*HTTPReceiver) Run

func (r *HTTPReceiver) Run()

Run starts doing the HTTP server and is ready to receive traces

func (*HTTPReceiver) Stop

func (r *HTTPReceiver) Stop() error

Stop stops the receiver and shuts down the HTTP server.

type Version

type Version string

Version is a dumb way to version our collector handlers

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