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type CustomTimer

type CustomTimer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CustomTimer represents a backoff timer configured with a certain DelayProvider.

func NewCustomTimer

func NewCustomTimer(delayProvider DelayProvider) *CustomTimer

NewCustomTimer creates a new custom timer using the provided delay provider.

func (*CustomTimer) Close

func (t *CustomTimer) Close()

Close cleans up the resources used by this timer. It cannot be reused after this call.

func (*CustomTimer) CurrentDelay

func (t *CustomTimer) CurrentDelay() time.Duration

CurrentDelay returns the delay of the current or last ticked retry.

func (*CustomTimer) NumRetries

func (t *CustomTimer) NumRetries() int

NumRetries returns the number of tries since this timer was last reset.

func (*CustomTimer) ReceiveTick

func (t *CustomTimer) ReceiveTick() <-chan time.Time

ReceiveTick returns a channel that will receive a time.Time object as soon as the previously scheduled retry ticks.

func (*CustomTimer) Reset

func (t *CustomTimer) Reset()

Reset stops and resets the number of retries counter of this timer.

func (*CustomTimer) ScheduleRetry

func (t *CustomTimer) ScheduleRetry(err error) (int, time.Duration)

ScheduleRetry schedules the next retry tick according to the delay provider, returning retry num and retry delay.

func (*CustomTimer) Stop

func (t *CustomTimer) Stop()

Stop prevents any current scheduled retry from ticking.

type DelayProvider

type DelayProvider func(numRetries int, err error) time.Duration

DelayProvider is a function that takes the current numRetries and last error and returns the delay until next retry.

func DefaultExponentialDelayProvider

func DefaultExponentialDelayProvider() DelayProvider

DefaultExponentialDelayProvider creates a new instance of an ExponentialDelayProvider using the default config.

func ExponentialDelayProvider

func ExponentialDelayProvider(conf ExponentialConfig) DelayProvider

ExponentialDelayProvider creates a new instance of an ExponentialDelayProvider using the provided config.

type ExponentialConfig

type ExponentialConfig struct {
	MaxDuration time.Duration
	GrowthBase  int
	Base        time.Duration

ExponentialConfig holds the parameters used by the ExponentialTimer.

func DefaultExponentialConfig

func DefaultExponentialConfig() ExponentialConfig

DefaultExponentialConfig creates an ExponentialConfig with default values.

type ExponentialTimer

type ExponentialTimer struct {

ExponentialTimer performs an exponential backoff following the FullJitter implementation described in

func NewCustomExponentialTimer

func NewCustomExponentialTimer(conf ExponentialConfig) *ExponentialTimer

NewCustomExponentialTimer creates an exponential backoff timer using the provided configuration.

func NewExponentialTimer

func NewExponentialTimer() *ExponentialTimer

NewExponentialTimer creates an exponential backoff timer using the default configuration.

type Timer

type Timer interface {
	ScheduleRetry(err error) (int, time.Duration)
	CurrentDelay() time.Duration
	NumRetries() int
	ReceiveTick() <-chan time.Time

Timer represents a timer that implements some backOff strategy that can adapt to number of schedulings.

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