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type Blacklister

type Blacklister struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Blacklister holds a list of regular expressions which will match resources on spans that should be dropped.

func NewBlacklister

func NewBlacklister(exprs []string) *Blacklister

NewBlacklister creates a new Blacklister based on the given list of regular expressions.

func (*Blacklister) Allows

func (f *Blacklister) Allows(span *model.Span) bool

Allows returns true if the Blacklister permits this span.

type Replacer

type Replacer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Replacer is a filter which replaces tag values based on its settings. It keeps all spans.

func NewReplacer

func NewReplacer(rules []*config.ReplaceRule) *Replacer

NewReplacer returns a new Replacer which will use the given set of rules.

func (Replacer) Replace

func (f Replacer) Replace(trace *model.Trace)

Replace replaces all tags matching the Replacer's rules.

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