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const DefaultConfigPath = "/opt/datadog-agent/etc/datadog.yaml"

DefaultConfigPath specifies the default configuration file path for non-Windows systems.


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var (
	// ConfigPath specifies the path to the configuration file.
	ConfigPath string

	// PIDFilePath specifies the path to the PID file.
	PIDFilePath string

	// LogLevel specifies the log output level.
	LogLevel string

	// Version will cause the agent to show version information.
	Version bool

	// Info will display information about a running agent.
	Info bool

	// CPUProfile specifies the path to output CPU profiling information to.
	// When empty, CPU profiling is disabled.
	CPUProfile string

	// MemProfile specifies the path to output memory profiling information to.
	// When empty, memory profiling is disabled.
	MemProfile string
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var Win = struct {
	InstallService   bool
	UninstallService bool
	StartService     bool
	StopService      bool

Win holds a set of flags which will be populated only during the Windows build.


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