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func SetupAWSConfig added in v0.6.1

func SetupAWSConfig(kubecli kubernetes.Interface, ns, secret, dir string) (*session.Options, error)

SetupAWSConfig setup local AWS config/credential files from Kubernetes aws secret.


type Storage

type Storage interface {
	// Create creates the actual persistent storage.
	// We need this method because this has side effect, e.g. creating PVC.
	// We might not create the persistent storage again when we know it already exists.
	Create() error
	// Clone will try to clone another storage referenced by cluster name.
	// It takes place on restore path.
	Clone(from string) error
	// Delete will delete this storage.
	Delete() error

Storage defines the underlying storage used by backup sidecar.

func NewABSStorage added in v0.5.2

func NewABSStorage(kubecli kubernetes.Interface, clusterName, ns string, p api.BackupPolicy) (Storage, error)

NewABSStorage returns a new ABS Storage implementation using the given kubecli, cluster name, namespace and backup policy

func NewPVStorage

func NewPVStorage(kubecli kubernetes.Interface, cn, ns, sc string, backupPolicy api.BackupPolicy) (Storage, error)

func NewS3Storage

func NewS3Storage(kubecli kubernetes.Interface, clusterName, ns string, p api.BackupPolicy) (Storage, error)

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