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Package conditions contains status conditions helpers.



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func BoolToCondition

func BoolToCondition(value bool) corev1.ConditionStatus

BoolToCondition convert bool to corev1.ConditionStatus.

func GetExtendedDaemonSetStatusCondition

GetExtendedDaemonSetStatusCondition return the condition struct corresponding to the ExtendedDaemonSetConditionType provided in argument. return nil if not found.

func IsConditionTrue

IsConditionTrue check if a condition is True. It not set return False.

func NewExtendedDaemonSetCondition

func NewExtendedDaemonSetCondition(conditionType datadoghqv1alpha1.ExtendedDaemonSetConditionType, conditionStatus corev1.ConditionStatus, now metav1.Time, reason, message string, supportLastUpdate bool) datadoghqv1alpha1.ExtendedDaemonSetCondition

NewExtendedDaemonSetCondition returns new ExtendedDaemonSetCondition instance.

func UpdateErrorCondition

func UpdateErrorCondition(status *datadoghqv1alpha1.ExtendedDaemonSetStatus, now metav1.Time, err error, desc string)

UpdateErrorCondition used to update the ExtendedDaemonSet status error condition.

func UpdateExtendedDaemonSetStatusCondition

func UpdateExtendedDaemonSetStatusCondition(status *datadoghqv1alpha1.ExtendedDaemonSetStatus, now metav1.Time, t datadoghqv1alpha1.ExtendedDaemonSetConditionType, conditionStatus corev1.ConditionStatus, reason, desc string, options *UpdateConditionOptions)

UpdateExtendedDaemonSetStatusCondition used to update a specific ExtendedDaemonSetConditionType.


type UpdateConditionOptions

type UpdateConditionOptions struct {
	// IgnoreFalseConditionIfNotExist used to avoid creating the condition when this condition if false.
	// If `IgnoreFalseConditionIfNotExist == `true`, the condition will not be created if the status is equal to `corev1.ConditionFalse`
	IgnoreFalseConditionIfNotExist bool
	// SupportLastUpdate is an option to avoid updating the `LastUpdateTime` during every reconcile loop.
	// This option is useful when only `LastTransitionTime` is the important information.
	SupportLastUpdate bool

UpdateConditionOptions used to tune how te condition can be updated also if the condition doesn't exist yet, it will create it.

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