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type TestServer

type TestServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A TestServer is a Temporal server listening on a system-chosen port on the local loopback interface, for use in end-to-end tests.

func NewServer

func NewServer(opts ...TestServerOption) *TestServer

NewServer starts and returns a new TestServer.

If not specifying the WithT option, the caller should execute Stop when finished to close the server and release resources.

Example (TestWorker)
package main

import (


// to be used in example code
var t *testing.T

func main() {
	// Create test Temporal server and client
	ts := temporaltest.NewServer(temporaltest.WithT(t))
	c := ts.Client()

	// Register a new worker on the `hello_world` task queue
	ts.Worker("hello_world", func(registry worker.Registry) {

	// Start test workflow
	wfr, err := c.ExecuteWorkflow(
		client.StartWorkflowOptions{TaskQueue: "hello_world"},
	if err != nil {

	// Get workflow result
	var result string
	if err := wfr.Get(context.Background(), &result); err != nil {

	// Print result

Hello world

func (*TestServer) Client

func (ts *TestServer) Client() client.Client

Client returns a Temporal client configured for making requests to the server. It is configured to use a pre-registered test namespace and will be closed on TestServer.Stop.

func (*TestServer) NewClientWithOptions

func (ts *TestServer) NewClientWithOptions(opts client.Options) client.Client

NewClientWithOptions returns a Temporal client configured for making requests to the server. If no namespace option is set it will use a pre-registered test namespace. The returned client will be closed on TestServer.Stop.

func (*TestServer) Stop

func (ts *TestServer) Stop()

Stop closes test clients and shuts down the server.

func (*TestServer) Worker

func (ts *TestServer) Worker(taskQueue string, registerFunc func(registry worker.Registry)) worker.Worker

Worker registers and starts a Temporal worker on the specified task queue.

type TestServerOption

type TestServerOption interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

func WithT

func WithT(t *testing.T) TestServerOption

WithT directs all worker and client logs to the test logger.

If this option is specified, then server will automatically be stopped when the test completes.

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