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Package environment describes the operating environment for Tiller.

Tiller's environment encapsulates all of the service dependencies Tiller has. These dependencies are expressed as interfaces so that alternate implementations (mocks, etc.) can be easily generated.



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const (
	// DefaultTLSCaCert is the default value for HELM_TLS_CA_CERT
	DefaultTLSCaCert = "$HELM_HOME/ca.pem"
	// DefaultTLSCert is the default value for HELM_TLS_CERT
	DefaultTLSCert = "$HELM_HOME/cert.pem"
	// DefaultTLSKeyFile is the default value for HELM_TLS_KEY_FILE
	DefaultTLSKeyFile = "$HELM_HOME/key.pem"
	// DefaultTLSEnable is the default value for HELM_TLS_ENABLE
	DefaultTLSEnable = false
	// DefaultTLSVerify is the default value for HELM_TLS_VERIFY
	DefaultTLSVerify = false
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const (
	HomeEnvVar          = "HELM_HOME"
	PluginEnvVar        = "HELM_PLUGIN"
	PluginDisableEnvVar = "HELM_NO_PLUGINS"
	HostEnvVar          = "HELM_HOST"
	DebugEnvVar         = "HELM_DEBUG"



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var DefaultHelmHome = filepath.Join(homedir.HomeDir(), ".helm")

DefaultHelmHome is the default HELM_HOME.


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type EnvSettings

type EnvSettings struct {
	// TillerHost is the host and port of Tiller.
	TillerHost string
	// TillerConnectionTimeout is the duration (in seconds) helm will wait to establish a connection to Tiller.
	TillerConnectionTimeout int64
	// TillerNamespace is the namespace in which Tiller runs.
	TillerNamespace string
	// Home is the local path to the Helm home directory.
	Home helmpath.Home
	// Debug indicates whether or not Helm is running in Debug mode.
	Debug bool
	// KubeContext is the name of the kubeconfig context.
	KubeContext string
	// KubeConfig is the path to an explicit kubeconfig file. This overwrites the value in $KUBECONFIG
	KubeConfig string
	// TLSEnable tells helm to communicate with Tiller via TLS
	TLSEnable bool
	// TLSVerify tells helm to communicate with Tiller via TLS and to verify remote certificates served by Tiller
	TLSVerify bool
	// TLSServerName tells helm to verify the hostname on the returned certificates from Tiller
	TLSServerName string
	// TLSCaCertFile is the path to a TLS CA certificate file
	TLSCaCertFile string
	// TLSCertFile is the path to a TLS certificate file
	TLSCertFile string
	// TLSKeyFile is the path to a TLS key file
	TLSKeyFile string

EnvSettings describes all of the environment settings.

func (*EnvSettings) AddFlags

func (s *EnvSettings) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags binds flags to the given flagset.

func (*EnvSettings) AddFlagsTLS

func (s *EnvSettings) AddFlagsTLS(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlagsTLS adds the flags for supporting client side TLS to the given flagset.

func (EnvSettings) HelmKeyPassphrase

func (s EnvSettings) HelmKeyPassphrase() string

HelmKeyPassphrase is the passphrase used to sign a helm chart.

func (*EnvSettings) Init

func (s *EnvSettings) Init(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

Init sets values from the environment.

func (*EnvSettings) InitTLS

func (s *EnvSettings) InitTLS(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

InitTLS sets TLS values from the environment.

func (EnvSettings) PluginDirs

func (s EnvSettings) PluginDirs() string

PluginDirs is the path to the plugin directories.

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