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Package version represents the current version of the project.



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var (
	// Version is the current version of the Helm.
	// Update this whenever making a new release.
	// The version is of the format Major.Minor.Patch[-Prerelease][+BuildMetadata]
	// Increment major number for new feature additions and behavioral changes.
	// Increment minor number for bug fixes and performance enhancements.
	// Increment patch number for critical fixes to existing releases.
	Version = "v2.14"

	// BuildMetadata is extra build time data
	BuildMetadata = "unreleased"
	// GitCommit is the git sha1
	GitCommit = ""
	// GitTreeState is the state of the git tree
	GitTreeState = ""


func GetVersion

func GetVersion() string

GetVersion returns the semver string of the version

func GetVersionProto

func GetVersionProto() *version.Version

GetVersionProto returns protobuf representing the version

func IsCompatible

func IsCompatible(client, server string) bool

IsCompatible tests if a client and server version are compatible.

func IsCompatibleRange

func IsCompatibleRange(constraint, ver string) bool

IsCompatibleRange compares a version to a constraint. It returns true if the version matches the constraint, and false in all other cases.


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