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Published: Oct 31, 2016 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	CodeLicenseGetLicenseError      = "503-16001"
	CodeLicenseCreateLicenseError   = "503-16002"
	CodeLicenseNotFoundLicenseError = "503-16003"

func Init

func Init(dbClient *gorm.DB)

type LicenseApi

type LicenseApi struct {
	DbClient *gorm.DB

func (*LicenseApi) ApiRegister

func (licenseApi *LicenseApi) ApiRegister(router *gin.Engine, middlewares ...gin.HandlerFunc)

func (*LicenseApi) Create

func (licenseApi *LicenseApi) Create(ctx *gin.Context)

func (*LicenseApi) Get

func (licenseApi *LicenseApi) Get(ctx *gin.Context)

func (*LicenseApi) GetLicenseValidity

func (licenseApi *LicenseApi) GetLicenseValidity() (uint64, error)

func (*LicenseApi) MigriateSetting

func (licenseApi *LicenseApi) MigriateSetting()

type Setting

type Setting struct {
	ID      uint64 `json:"Id"`
	License string

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