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type AgentConfig

type AgentConfig struct {
	Listen    string   `json:"listen"` // only for ping -> pong service
	LogLevel  string   `json:"logLevel"`
	JoinAddrs []string `json:"joinAddrs"`
	DNS       *DNS     `json:"dns"`
	Janitor   *Janitor `json:"janitor"`
	IPAM      *IPAM    `json:"ipam"`

func NewAgentConfig

func NewAgentConfig(c *cli.Context) (*AgentConfig, error)

type DNS

type DNS struct {
	Enabled         bool          `json:"enabled"`
	Domain          string        `json:"domain"`
	RecurseOn       bool          `json:"recurseOn"`
	ListenAddr      string        `json:"listenAddr"`
	TTL             int           `json:"ttl"`
	Resolvers       []string      `json:"resolvers"`
	ExchangeTimeout time.Duration `json:"exchangeTimeout"`

	SOARname   string `json:"soarname"`
	SOAMname   string `json:"soamname"`
	SOASerial  uint32 `json:"soaserial"`
	SOARefresh uint32 `json:"soarefresh"`
	SOARetry   uint32 `json:"soaretry"`
	SOAExpire  uint32 `json:"soaexpire"`

type IPAM added in v0.2.1

type IPAM struct {
	Enabled   bool     `json:"enabled"`
	StoreType string   `json:"store_type"`
	EtcdAddrs []string `json:"etcd_addrs"`
	ZKAddrs   []string `json:"zk_addrs"`

type Janitor

type Janitor struct {
	Enabled       bool   `json:"enabled"`
	ListenAddr    string `json:"listenAddr"`
	TLSListenAddr string `json:"tlsListenAddr"`
	TLSCertFile   string `json:"tlsCertFile"`
	TLSKeyFile    string `json:"tlsKeyFile"`
	Domain        string `json:"domain"`
	AdvertiseIP   string `json:"advertiseIP"`

type ManagerConfig

type ManagerConfig struct {
	LogLevel   string `json:"logLevel"`
	Listen     string `json:"listenAddr"`
	EnableCORS bool

	MesosURL *url.URL `json:"mesosURL"` // mesos zk url

	StoreType string   `json:"store_type"` // db store type
	ZKURL     *url.URL `json:"zkURL"`      // zk store url (currently we always require this for HA)
	EtcdAddrs []string `json:"etcd_addrs"` // etcd store addrs

	Strategy string `json:"strategy"`

	ReconciliationInterval  float64 `json:"reconciliationInterval"`
	ReconciliationStep      int64   `json:"reconciliationStep"`
	ReconciliationStepDelay float64 `json:"reconciliationStepDelay"`
	HeartbeatTimeout        float64 `json:"heartbeatTimeout"`
	MaxTasksPerOffer        int     `json:"maxTasksPerOffer"`
	EnableCapabilityKilling bool    `json:"enableCapabilityKilling"`

func NewManagerConfig

func NewManagerConfig(c *cli.Context) (*ManagerConfig, error)

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