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Package completion - provides a Tree structure that can be used to define a program's completions.

Example Tree:

├ log
│ ├ sublog
│ │ ├ --help
│ │ ├ <file-completion>
│ │ └ <custom-completion (sha1 list)>
│ ├ --help
│ └ <file-completion>
├ show
│ ├ --help
│ ├ --dir=<dir-completion>
│ └ <file-completion>
├ --help
└ --version

A tree node can have children and leaves. The children are commands, the leaves can be options, file completions, custom completions and options that trigger custom file completions (--dir=<dir-comletion>).

Completions have a hierachy, commands are shown before file completions, and options are only shown if `-` is passed as part of the COMPLINE.

For custom completions a full list of completions must be passed as leaves to the node. However, there file and dir completions are provided as a convenience.

Custom completions for options are triggered with the `=` sing after the full option test has been provided.



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const (
	// Root -
	Root kind = iota
	// StringNode -
	// FileListNode - Regular file completion you would expect.
	// Name used as the dir to start completing results from.
	// TODO: Allow ignore case.
	// OptionsNode - Only enabled if prefix starts with -
	// OptionsWithCompletion - Only enabled if prefix starts with -
	// CustomNode -


Debug - Debug logger set to ioutil.Discard by default


This section is empty.


type Node

type Node struct {
	Name     string // Name of the node. For StringNode Kinds, this is the completion.
	Kind     kind   // Kind of node.
	Children []*Node
	Entries  []string // Use as completions for OptionsNode and CustomNode Kind.


Node -


├ log
│ ├ sublog
│ │ ├ --help
│ │ ├ <file-completion>
│ │ └ <custom-completion (sha1 list)>
│ ├ --help
│ └ <file-completion>
├ show
│ ├ --help
│ ├ --dir=<dir-completion>
│ └ <file-completion>
├ --help
└ --version

func NewNode

func NewNode(name string, kind kind, entries []string) *Node

NewNode -

func (*Node) AddChild

func (n *Node) AddChild(node *Node)

AddChild - TODO: Probably make sure that the name is not already in use since we find them by name.

func (*Node) CompLineComplete

func (n *Node) CompLineComplete(lastWasOption bool, compLine string) []string

CompLineComplete - Given a compLine (get it with os.Getenv("COMP_LINE")) it returns a list of completions.

func (*Node) Completions

func (n *Node) Completions(prefix string) []string

Completions -

func (*Node) GetChildByName

func (n *Node) GetChildByName(name string) *Node

GetChildByName - Traverses to the children and returns the first one to match name.

func (*Node) GetChildrenByKind

func (n *Node) GetChildrenByKind(kind kind) []*Node

func (*Node) SelfCompletions

func (n *Node) SelfCompletions(prefix string) []string

SelfCompletions -

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