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	import ""

	ctx := context.Context{Request:req,ResponseWriter:rw}

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type BeegoInput

type BeegoInput struct {
	CruSession    session.SessionStore
	Params        map[string]string
	Data          map[interface{}]interface{} // store some values in this context when calling context in filter or controller.
	Request       *http.Request
	RequestBody   []byte
	RunController reflect.Type
	RunMethod     string

BeegoInput operates the http request header ,data ,cookie and body. it also contains router params and current session.

func NewInput

func NewInput(req *http.Request) *BeegoInput

NewInput return BeegoInput generated by http.Request.

func (*BeegoInput) Bind

func (input *BeegoInput) Bind(dest interface{}, key string) error

Bind data from request.Form[key] to dest like /?id=123&isok=true&ft=1.2&ol[0]=1&ol[1]=2&ul[]=str&ul[]=array&user.Name=astaxie var id int beegoInput.Bind(&id, "id") id ==123 var isok bool beegoInput.Bind(&isok, "isok") id ==true var ft float64 beegoInput.Bind(&ft, "ft") ft ==1.2 ol := make([]int, 0, 2) beegoInput.Bind(&ol, "ol") ol ==[1 2] ul := make([]string, 0, 2) beegoInput.Bind(&ul, "ul") ul ==[str array] user struct{Name} beegoInput.Bind(&user, "user") user == {Name:"astaxie"}

func (*BeegoInput) Cookie

func (input *BeegoInput) Cookie(key string) string

Cookie returns request cookie item string by a given key. if non-existed, return empty string.

func (*BeegoInput) CopyBody

func (input *BeegoInput) CopyBody() []byte

Body returns the raw request body data as bytes.

func (*BeegoInput) Domain

func (input *BeegoInput) Domain() string

Domain returns host name. Alias of Host method.

func (*BeegoInput) GetData

func (input *BeegoInput) GetData(key interface{}) interface{}

GetData returns the stored data in this context.

func (*BeegoInput) Header

func (input *BeegoInput) Header(key string) string

Header returns request header item string by a given string.

func (*BeegoInput) Host

func (input *BeegoInput) Host() string

Host returns host name. if no host info in request, return localhost.

func (*BeegoInput) IP

func (input *BeegoInput) IP() string

IP returns request client ip. if in proxy, return first proxy id. if error, return

func (*BeegoInput) Is

func (input *BeegoInput) Is(method string) bool

Is returns boolean of this request is on given method, such as Is("POST").

func (*BeegoInput) IsAjax

func (input *BeegoInput) IsAjax() bool

IsAjax returns boolean of this request is generated by ajax.

func (*BeegoInput) IsDelete

func (input *BeegoInput) IsDelete() bool

Is this a DELETE method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsGet

func (input *BeegoInput) IsGet() bool

Is this a GET method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsHead

func (input *BeegoInput) IsHead() bool

Is this a Head method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsOptions

func (input *BeegoInput) IsOptions() bool

Is this a OPTIONS method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsPatch

func (input *BeegoInput) IsPatch() bool

Is this a PATCH method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsPost

func (input *BeegoInput) IsPost() bool

Is this a POST method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsPut

func (input *BeegoInput) IsPut() bool

Is this a PUT method request?

func (*BeegoInput) IsSecure

func (input *BeegoInput) IsSecure() bool

IsSecure returns boolean of this request is in https.

func (*BeegoInput) IsUpload

func (input *BeegoInput) IsUpload() bool

IsSecure returns boolean of whether file uploads in this request or not..

func (*BeegoInput) IsWebsocket

func (input *BeegoInput) IsWebsocket() bool

IsSecure returns boolean of this request is in webSocket.

func (*BeegoInput) Method

func (input *BeegoInput) Method() string

Method returns http request method.

func (*BeegoInput) Param

func (input *BeegoInput) Param(key string) string

Param returns router param by a given key.

func (*BeegoInput) ParseFormOrMulitForm

func (input *BeegoInput) ParseFormOrMulitForm(maxMemory int64) error

parseForm or parseMultiForm based on Content-type

func (*BeegoInput) Port

func (input *BeegoInput) Port() int

Port returns request client port. when error or empty, return 80.

func (*BeegoInput) Protocol

func (input *BeegoInput) Protocol() string

Protocol returns request protocol name, such as HTTP/1.1 .

func (*BeegoInput) Proxy

func (input *BeegoInput) Proxy() []string

Proxy returns proxy client ips slice.

func (*BeegoInput) Query

func (input *BeegoInput) Query(key string) string

Query returns input data item string by a given string.

func (*BeegoInput) Refer

func (input *BeegoInput) Refer() string

Refer returns http referer header.

func (*BeegoInput) Scheme

func (input *BeegoInput) Scheme() string

Scheme returns request scheme as "http" or "https".

func (*BeegoInput) Session

func (input *BeegoInput) Session(key interface{}) interface{}

Session returns current session item value by a given key.

func (*BeegoInput) SetData

func (input *BeegoInput) SetData(key, val interface{})

SetData stores data with given key in this context. This data are only available in this context.

func (*BeegoInput) Site

func (input *BeegoInput) Site() string

Site returns base site url as scheme://domain type.

func (*BeegoInput) SubDomains

func (input *BeegoInput) SubDomains() string

SubDomains returns sub domain string. if, returns .

func (*BeegoInput) Uri

func (input *BeegoInput) Uri() string

Uri returns full request url with query string, fragment.

func (*BeegoInput) Url

func (input *BeegoInput) Url() string

Url returns request url path (without query string, fragment).

func (*BeegoInput) UserAgent

func (input *BeegoInput) UserAgent() string

UserAgent returns request client user agent string.

type BeegoOutput

type BeegoOutput struct {
	Context    *Context
	Status     int
	EnableGzip bool

BeegoOutput does work for sending response header.

func NewOutput

func NewOutput() *BeegoOutput

NewOutput returns new BeegoOutput. it contains nothing now.

func (*BeegoOutput) Body

func (output *BeegoOutput) Body(content []byte)

Body sets response body content. if EnableGzip, compress content string. it sends out response body directly.

func (*BeegoOutput) ContentType

func (output *BeegoOutput) ContentType(ext string)

ContentType sets the content type from ext string. MIME type is given in mime package.

func (*BeegoOutput) Cookie

func (output *BeegoOutput) Cookie(name string, value string, others ...interface{})

Cookie sets cookie value via given key. others are ordered as cookie's max age time, path,domain, secure and httponly.

func (*BeegoOutput) Download

func (output *BeegoOutput) Download(file string, filename ...string)

Download forces response for download file. it prepares the download response header automatically.

func (*BeegoOutput) Header

func (output *BeegoOutput) Header(key, val string)

Header sets response header item string via given key.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsCachable

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsCachable(status int) bool

IsCachable returns boolean of this request is cached. HTTP 304 means cached.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsClientError

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsClientError(status int) bool

IsClient returns boolean of this request client sends error data. HTTP 4xx means forbidden.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsEmpty

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsEmpty(status int) bool

IsEmpty returns boolean of this request is empty. HTTP 201,204 and 304 means empty.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsForbidden

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsForbidden(status int) bool

IsForbidden returns boolean of this request is forbidden. HTTP 403 means forbidden.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsNotFound

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsNotFound(status int) bool

IsNotFound returns boolean of this request is not found. HTTP 404 means forbidden.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsOk

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsOk(status int) bool

IsOk returns boolean of this request runs well. HTTP 200 means ok.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsRedirect

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsRedirect(status int) bool

IsRedirect returns boolean of this request is redirection header. HTTP 301,302,307 means redirection.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsServerError

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsServerError(status int) bool

IsServerError returns boolean of this server handler errors. HTTP 5xx means server internal error.

func (*BeegoOutput) IsSuccessful

func (output *BeegoOutput) IsSuccessful(status int) bool

IsSuccessful returns boolean of this request runs successfully. HTTP 2xx means ok.

func (*BeegoOutput) Json

func (output *BeegoOutput) Json(data interface{}, hasIndent bool, coding bool) error

Json writes json to response body. if coding is true, it converts utf-8 to \u0000 type.

func (*BeegoOutput) Jsonp

func (output *BeegoOutput) Jsonp(data interface{}, hasIndent bool) error

Jsonp writes jsonp to response body.

func (*BeegoOutput) Session

func (output *BeegoOutput) Session(name interface{}, value interface{})

Sessions sets session item value with given key.

func (*BeegoOutput) SetStatus

func (output *BeegoOutput) SetStatus(status int)

SetStatus sets response status code. It writes response header directly.

func (*BeegoOutput) Xml

func (output *BeegoOutput) Xml(data interface{}, hasIndent bool) error

Xml writes xml string to response body.

type Context

type Context struct {
	Input          *BeegoInput
	Output         *BeegoOutput
	Request        *http.Request
	ResponseWriter http.ResponseWriter
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Http request context struct including BeegoInput, BeegoOutput, http.Request and http.ResponseWriter. BeegoInput and BeegoOutput provides some api to operate request and response more easily.

func (*Context) Abort

func (ctx *Context) Abort(status int, body string)

Abort stops this request. if middleware.ErrorMaps exists, panic body. if middleware.HTTPExceptionMaps exists, panic HTTPException struct with status and body string.

func (*Context) CheckXsrfCookie added in v1.4.0

func (ctx *Context) CheckXsrfCookie() bool

CheckXsrfCookie checks xsrf token in this request is valid or not. the token can provided in request header "X-Xsrftoken" and "X-CsrfToken" or in form field value named as "_xsrf".

func (*Context) GetCookie

func (ctx *Context) GetCookie(key string) string

Get cookie from request by a given key. It's alias of BeegoInput.Cookie.

func (*Context) GetSecureCookie

func (ctx *Context) GetSecureCookie(Secret, key string) (string, bool)

Get secure cookie from request by a given key.

func (*Context) Redirect

func (ctx *Context) Redirect(status int, localurl string)

Redirect does redirection to localurl with http header status code. It sends http response header directly.

func (*Context) SetCookie

func (ctx *Context) SetCookie(name string, value string, others ...interface{})

Set cookie for response. It's alias of BeegoOutput.Cookie.

func (*Context) SetSecureCookie

func (ctx *Context) SetSecureCookie(Secret, name, value string, others ...interface{})

Set Secure cookie for response.

func (*Context) WriteString

func (ctx *Context) WriteString(content string)

Write string to response body. it sends response body.

func (*Context) XsrfToken added in v1.4.0

func (ctx *Context) XsrfToken(key string, expire int64) string

XsrfToken creates a xsrf token string and returns.

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