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Post-ranking happens on the source backend (because it has the source files in the kernel’s page cache). In the post-ranking phase we can do (limited) source file level analysis, such as in which scope the query string was matched (comment, top-level, sub-level).

Pre-ranking happens on dcs-web after the index backends provided their results. Without looking at file contents at all, we assign a preliminary ranking to each file based on its database entries and whether the query string matches parts of the filename.




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func PostRank

func PostRank(opts RankingOpts, match *regexp.Match, querystr *QueryStr) float32

func ReadRankingData

func ReadRankingData(path string) error

ReadRankingData reads the pre-computed rankings from |path|. It must be called before ResultPath.Rank() is called, otherwise Rank() won’t return meaningful results.


type QueryStr

type QueryStr struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Represents a query string with pre-compiled regular expressions for faster matching.

func NewQueryStr

func NewQueryStr(query string) QueryStr

func (*QueryStr) Match

func (qs *QueryStr) Match(path *string) float32

type RankingOpts

type RankingOpts struct {
	// Map of file suffix (e.g. ".c") ranking. This is filled in based on the
	// filetype= parameter (which is extracted from the query string).
	Suffixes map[string]float32
	// Same thing, but for the nfiletype parameter (from the -filetype:
	// keywords in the query).
	Nsuffixes map[string]float32

	// pre-ranking: amount of reverse dependencies
	Rdep bool

	// pre-ranking: popcon installation count
	Inst bool

	// pre-ranking: filetype
	Filetype bool

	// pre-ranking: does the search query match the path?
	Pathmatch bool

	// pre-ranking: does the search query match the source package name?
	Sourcepkgmatch bool

	// post-ranking: in which scope is the match?
	Scope bool

	// post-ranking: does the search query (with enforced word boundaries)
	// match the line?
	Linematch bool

	// meta: turns on all rankings and uses 'optimal' weights (as determined in
	// the thesis).
	Weighted bool

func RankingOptsFromQuery

func RankingOptsFromQuery(query url.Values) RankingOpts

type ResultPath

type ResultPath struct {
	Path         string
	Position     int
	SourcePkgIdx [2]int
	Ranking      float32

The regular expression trigram index provides us a path to a potential result. This data structure represents such a path and allows for ranking and sorting each path.

func (*ResultPath) Rank

func (rp *ResultPath) Rank(opts *RankingOpts)

type ResultPaths

type ResultPaths []ResultPath

func (ResultPaths) Len

func (r ResultPaths) Len() int

func (ResultPaths) Less

func (r ResultPaths) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ResultPaths) Swap

func (r ResultPaths) Swap(i, j int)

type StoredRanking

type StoredRanking struct {
	Inst float32
	Rdep float32

Represents an entry from our ranking database (determined by using the meta information about source packages).

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