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var (
	// ErrNonLandscapeComponent is an error to indicate a release is not controlled by landscaper
	ErrNonLandscapeComponent = errors.New("release is not controlled by landscaper")

	// ErrInvalidLandscapeMetadata is an error to indicate a release contains invalid landscaper metadata
	ErrInvalidLandscapeMetadata = errors.New("release contains invalid landscaper metadata")
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var (
	SemVer    = "-"
	GitCommit = "-"
	GitTag    = "-"

plugged in during build


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type ChartLoader

type ChartLoader interface {
	Load(chartRef string) (*chart.Chart, string, error)

ChartLoader allows one to load Charts by name

type Component

type Component struct {
	Name          string         `json:"name" validate:"nonzero,max=51"`
	Namespace     string         `json:"namespace"`
	Release       *Release       `json:"release" validate:"nonzero"`
	Configuration Configuration  `json:"configuration"`
	Environments  Configurations `json:"environments"`
	SecretsRaw    interface{}    `json:"secrets"`
	SecretNames   SecretNames    `json:"-"`
	SecretValues  SecretValues   `json:"-"`

Component contains information about the release, configuration and secrets of a component

func NewComponent

func NewComponent(name string, namespace string, release *Release, cfg Configuration, envs Configurations, secretNames SecretNames) *Component

NewComponent creates a Component and adds Name to the configuration

func (*Component) Equals

func (c *Component) Equals(other *Component) bool

Equals checks if this component's values are equal to another

func (*Component) FullChartRef

func (c *Component) FullChartRef() (string, error)

FullChartRef provides a chart references like "myRepo/chartName"

func (*Component) Validate

func (c *Component) Validate() error

Validate the component on required fields and correct values

type Components

type Components map[string]*Component

Components is a collection of uniquely named Component objects

type Configuration

type Configuration map[string]interface{}

Configuration contains all the values that should be applied to the component's helm package release

func (Configuration) GetMetadata

func (cfg Configuration) GetMetadata() (*Metadata, error)

GetMetadata returns a Metadata if present

func (Configuration) HasMetadata

func (cfg Configuration) HasMetadata() bool

HasMetadata returns true if the config contains a landscaper metadata structure

func (Configuration) Merge

func (cfg Configuration) Merge(src Configuration) Configuration

Merge two configurations

func (Configuration) SetMetadata

func (cfg Configuration) SetMetadata(m *Metadata)

SetMetadata sets the provided Metadata

func (Configuration) YAML

func (cfg Configuration) YAML() (string, error)

YAML encodes the Values into a YAML string.

type Configurations

type Configurations map[string]Configuration

Configurations are a list of environment specific configuration overrides

type Environment

type Environment struct {
	HelmHome                  string        // Helm's home directory
	DryRun                    bool          // If true, don't modify anything
	Wait                      bool          // Wait until all resources become ready
	WaitTimeout               time.Duration // Wait for helm
	ChartLoader               ChartLoader   // ChartLoader loads charts
	ReleaseNamePrefix         string        // Prepend this string to release names
	ComponentFiles            []string      // Landscaper component file names
	LandscapeDir              string        // deprecated: ComponentFiles is leading; LandscapeDir merely fills it
	Namespace                 string        // Default namespace releases are put into; components can override it though
	Verbose                   bool          // Reduce log level
	Context                   string        // Kubernetes context to use
	Loop                      bool          // Keep looping
	LoopInterval              time.Duration // Loop every duration
	TillerNamespace           string        // where to install / use tiller
	AzureKeyVault             string        // Azure keyvault to use for secrets if provided
	Environment               string        // Environment selections
	ConfigurationOverrideFile string        // Global configuration overrides file

	DisabledStages stringSlice // stages to disable during landscaper apply
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Environment contains all the information about the k8s cluster and local configuration

func (*Environment) HelmClient

func (e *Environment) HelmClient() helm.Interface

HelmClient makes sure the environment has a HelmClient initialized and returns it

func (*Environment) KubeClient

func (e *Environment) KubeClient() internalversion.CoreInterface

KubeClient makes sure the environment has a KubeClient initialized

func (*Environment) Teardown

func (e *Environment) Teardown()

Teardown closes the tunnel

type Executor

type Executor interface {
	Apply(Components, Components) (map[string][]string, error)

	CreateComponent(*Component) error
	UpdateComponent(*Component) error
	DeleteComponent(*Component) error

Executor is responsible for applying a desired landscape to the actual landscape

func NewExecutor

func NewExecutor(helmClient helm.Interface, chartLoader ChartLoader, kubeSecrets SecretsWriteDeleter, dryRun bool, wait bool, waitTimeout int64, disabledStages []string) Executor

NewExecutor is a factory method to create a new Executor

type LocalCharts

type LocalCharts struct {
	HomePath string

LocalCharts allows one to load Charts from a local path

func NewLocalCharts

func NewLocalCharts(homePath string) *LocalCharts

NewLocalCharts creates a LocalCharts ChartLoader

func (*LocalCharts) Load

func (c *LocalCharts) Load(chartRef string) (*chart.Chart, string, error)

Load locates, and potentially downloads, a chart to the local repository

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	ReleaseVersion  string
	ChartRepository string

Metadata holds landscaper metadata that is attached to a component/release through its Configuration

type Release

type Release struct {
	Chart   string `json:"chart" validate:"nonzero"` // TODO: write a regexp validation for the chart
	Version string `json:"version"`

Release contains the information of a component release

type SecretNames

type SecretNames map[string]string

SecretNames is a map containing the name of the secrets and a reference to get their value from the secrets provider.

type SecretValues

type SecretValues map[string][]byte

SecretValues is a map containing the actual values of the secrets. Note that this should not be written to kubernetes or anywhere else persistent!

type SecretsReadWriteDeleter

type SecretsReadWriteDeleter interface {

SecretsReadWriteDeleter allows reading, writing and deleting secrets

func NewKubeSecretsReadWriteDeleter

func NewKubeSecretsReadWriteDeleter(kubeClient internalversion.CoreInterface) SecretsReadWriteDeleter

NewKubeSecretsReadWriteDeleter create a new SecretsReadWriteDeleter for kubernetes secrets

type SecretsReader

type SecretsReader interface {
	Read(componentName, namespace string, secretNames SecretNames) (SecretValues, error)

SecretsReader allows reading secrets

func NewAzureSecretsReader

func NewAzureSecretsReader(keyVault string) (SecretsReader, error)

NewAzureSecretsReader creates a SecretsReader that fetches secrets from an Azure KeyVault

func NewEnvironmentSecretsReader

func NewEnvironmentSecretsReader() SecretsReader

NewEnvironmentSecretsReader creates a SecretsReader for secrets provided via environment variables

type SecretsWriteDeleter

type SecretsWriteDeleter interface {
	Write(componentName, namespace string, secretValues SecretValues) error
	Delete(componentName, namespace string) error

SecretsWriteDeleter allows writing and deleting secrets

type StateProvider

type StateProvider interface {
	Components() (Components, error)

StateProvider can be used to obtain a state, actual (from Helm) or desired (e.g. from files)

func NewFileStateProvider

func NewFileStateProvider(fileNames []string, secrets SecretsReader, chartLoader ChartLoader, releaseNamePrefix, namespace string, environment string, configurationOverrideFile string) StateProvider

NewFileStateProvider creates a StateProvider that sources Files

func NewHelmStateProvider

func NewHelmStateProvider(helmClient helm.Interface, secrets SecretsReader, releaseNamePrefix string) StateProvider

NewHelmStateProvider creates a StateProvider that sources Helm (actual state)

type Version

type Version struct {
	SemVer    string
	GitCommit string
	GitTag    string

Version contains versioning information obtained during build

func GetVersion

func GetVersion() Version

GetVersion provides the landscaper version and build information