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Published: Jul 9, 2019 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


Package rest exposes a simple API used by admins to query the whole tree directly without going through routers.


type Handler

type Handler struct {

func (*Handler) BulkStatNodes

func (h *Handler) BulkStatNodes(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

func (*Handler) CreateNodes

func (h *Handler) CreateNodes(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

func (*Handler) CreateSelection

func (h *Handler) CreateSelection(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

CreateSelection creates a temporary selection to be stored and used by a later action, currently only download.

func (*Handler) DeleteNodes

func (h *Handler) DeleteNodes(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

DeleteNodes either moves to recycle bin or definitively removes nodes.

func (*Handler) Filter

func (h *Handler) Filter() func(string) string

Filter returns a function to filter the swagger path

func (*Handler) HeadNode

func (h *Handler) HeadNode(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

func (*Handler) ListAdminTree

func (h *Handler) ListAdminTree(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

func (*Handler) RestoreNodes

func (h *Handler) RestoreNodes(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

RestoreNodes moves corresponding nodes to their initial location before deletion.

func (*Handler) StatAdminTree

func (h *Handler) StatAdminTree(req *restful.Request, resp *restful.Response)

func (*Handler) SwaggerTags

func (h *Handler) SwaggerTags() []string

SwaggerTags list the names of the service tags declared in the swagger json implemented by this service

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