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Published: Jul 9, 2019 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


Package rest is a service for serving specific requests directly to frontend



var BasePluginsBox = frontend.PluginBox{
	Box: packr.NewBox("../../../frontend/front-srv/assets"),
	Exposes: []string{

type FrontendHandler

type FrontendHandler struct{}

func NewFrontendHandler

func NewFrontendHandler() *FrontendHandler

func (*FrontendHandler) Filter

func (a *FrontendHandler) Filter() func(string) string

Filter returns a function to filter the swagger path

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontBootConf

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontBootConf(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontEnrollAuth

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontEnrollAuth(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

Generic endpoint that can be handled by specific 2FA plugins

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontMessages

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontMessages(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontPlugins

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontPlugins(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontPutBinary

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontPutBinary(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

FrontPutBinary receives an upload to store a binary.

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontServeBinary

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontServeBinary(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

FrontServeBinary triggers the download of a stored binary.

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontSession

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontSession(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) FrontState

func (a *FrontendHandler) FrontState(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) SettingsMenu

func (a *FrontendHandler) SettingsMenu(req *restful.Request, rsp *restful.Response)

func (*FrontendHandler) SwaggerTags

func (a *FrontendHandler) SwaggerTags() []string

SwaggerTags list the names of the service tags declared in the swagger json implemented by this service

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